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US troops retreat from Syrian town under attack

BEIRUT — A U.S. official says a “small group” of American troops are withdrawing from a base in northern Syria as Turkish forces advance.

Sunday’s pullout from the base at the town of Ein Issa is the second retreat for U.S. troops since a fast-moving Turkish offensive against Syrian Kurdish fighters.

The troops had evacuated border positions before the Turkish forces crossed into Syria Wednesday. U.S. President Donald Trump said it was to remove American forces from harm’s way.

But since the offensive began, an explosion occurred near a U.S.-led coalition base in the western town of Kobane, prompting the troops to pullout.

Ein Issa an administrative hub for the Syrian Kurdish-led forces allied with the U.S., and home to a U.S. base.

The official said American troops still have presence in other bases nearby.

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