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Missouri 9-year-old raises money to pay off school’s lunch debts

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– “It takes one person, and a hero can be a very tiny person,” Jennifer Webb said, principal of Mark Twain Elementary.

A local nine-year-old student raised money to pay off her classmate’s school lunch debt.

Hailey Fisher, 9-year-old who raised money for school lunch debt, said she did various tasks to raise the money.

“I was sweeping porches, I was picking up sticks out of people’s yards, I was cleaning out closets, um I was cleaning cars,” Fisher said.

Hailey Fisher

Hailey presented the money to the principal and cafeteria workers her classmates were there to see it.

Hailey said it all began with an idea to find a way to impact her school. She said after talking with her parents, she decided to raise money to help pay for her classmate’s school lunch debt.

From there, she came up with her “cleaning business” as a way to help raise the money.

Hailey’s mom, Alisha Fisher, said Hailey’s clients ranged from neighbors to family members. She said her family was excited to help Hailey once they learned what she was trying to accomplish.

Hailey is happy to have made a difference in her community.

Hailey raised $400. Principal Webb said the school had accrued about $350 in lunch debt so, with Hailey’s donation, the school is now debt-free and even has a little wiggle room.

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