The last home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright sells for $1.67 million

PHOENIX — Sixty years after his death, monuments to Frank Lloyd Wright’s innovative vision remain etched into the architectural landscape.

For a fortunate few, owning a structure he designed is within reach.

Wright’s final residential design, the Norman Lykes House, recently sold at auction for $1,677,500.

Nicknamed the “Circular Sun House,” this design features a natural integration of the home’s surroundings.

The October 16 auction, held by Heritage Auctions, drew nearly 20 bidders vying for ownership of the iconic home.

“The new owner of the last home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright now owns a masterpiece by America’s most iconic architect,” Nate Schar, director of luxury real estate for Heritage Auctions, said in a statement.

Nicknamed the “Circular Sun House,” the 3,000-square-foot home is tucked into a rocky hillside in Phoenix, Arizona.

The interlocking circular design of the home is especially apparent from above.

Wright designed the home for Norman and Amy Lykes just before his death, drawing upon his concept of organic architecture.

Wright’s designs were intended to be both functional and beautifully tailored compositions in which clients would be able to live practically.

The Norman Lykes House lives up to Wright’s goals. Its circular elements fit beautifully into the rugged desert surroundings.

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