Frigid temperatures Tuesday morning expected to be coldest so far this season

Snowy roads and cold condition: a common sight just about everywhere in the metro. Conditions are improving because it’s not snowing anymore. The sun is coming out as well, but that doesn’t really make it feel any better outside. In fact, we haven’t even seen the coldest air move in yet.

In fact, overnight lows are probably going to be the coldest we’ve seen this season yet. Tuesday morning temperatures are set to be anywhere from 5-10 degrees to start your day. Our record low on Tuesday’s date is 6 degrees back in 1911!

Even though the wind won’t be anything like what we had on Monday, any sort of breeze is going to add quite a chill to the air. Monday had a few wind chills in the low single digits. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few below zero to start Tuesday morning.

Despite the cold start, it won’t be quite as bad to finish. The wind looks to calm down and switch out of a move favorable southerly direction. That will add a little bit of a bite to the air by the afternoon, but conditions will be improving late Tuesday and beyond. Bottom line: if Monday didn’t force you to bust out the heavy winter gear, early Tuesday will.

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