Dunkin’ launches campaign to usher in end of foam cups

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. — By December 1, all Dunkin’ restaurants across Southern New England will have phased out foam cups.

This company has been slowly phasing out the cups nation wide. The replacement will be double-thick paper cups.

The reason was sparked by a strange Northeast custom of placing a foam cup outside of a plastic ice coffee cup for extra insulation, and added waste.

To usher in the use of double-walled paper cups for all hot beverages, the company has launched a new ad campaign to alert customers to the end of “double-cupping,” according to WPRI.

“As we look ahead to how our brand can continue to serve both people and the planet responsibly, we wanted to proactively address this preventable habit that can contribute to unnecessary waste,” Dunkin’ Chief Operating Officer Scott Murphy said in a statement.

Dunkin’ still serves iced drinks in plastic cups.

Earlier this year, Maine became the first state to ban styrofoam across the state. Businesses have until 2021 to comply.

New York City was even quicker, outlining a plan to fine people $1,000 for using the product throughout the city. The ban went into effect in July.

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