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Florida firefighters build wheelchair ramp to help elderly man in need

A team of St. Lucie County, Florida firefighters went above and beyond to help an elderly man in need.

According to the St. Lucie County Fire District, Lt. John King, Justin Harnage, and Jeremy Rouse responded to a home on S. 22nd Street in Fort Pierce on Tuesday after an 86-year-old man fell and was unable to get up.

Officials said the elderly man has trouble walking and needed help getting into his wheelchair, which was located outside on the patio.

Noticing that the home didn’t have a proper wheelchair ramp, the three firefighters went back to their fire station, built a wheelchair ramp out of plywood, then took it back to the elderly man’s home and installed it at his front door.

“Acts like these, which are above and beyond the call of duty, reinforce the Fire District motto: ‘Our Family Serving Yours.'” said Division Chief Aaron Shaw.

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