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Driver crashes through Missouri TV station gates, rams news vehicles and satellite dish

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Two are in custody after ramming through the gate at KOLR in Springfield and causing significant damage to cars and a satellite dish.

Around 2 p.m. on Saturday, two people in a mini-van rammed through the security gate.

The male driver crashed into four news vehicles and tried to leave the parking lot but was blocked in by an employee.

The driver then drove around to the back of the building, where he repeatedly rammed his van into one of the satellite dishes when another employee approached with a camera rolling.

The driver was in the car with a female passenger, who police believe to be his daughter.

“Why are you destroying our stuff?” the employee asked.

At that point, the driver began to complain about an unclear issue as he displayed pictures to the employee.

After multiple collisions with a satellite dish, police arrived and took both suspects into custody.

Police say the two people did not necessarily have a target at the station, and their motive is still under investigation.

“They are going to jail, they’ll be booked in, our detectives will do an interview with them, they’ll properly present charges and see if the prosecutor’s office will charge them. It’s under investigation, just not real clear on a motive yet,” says Lt. Tony Vienhage with the Springfield Police Department.

The van had Tennessee license plates, but police say they have been living in Missouri recently.

Nobody was injured in this incident.

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