Stay Weather Aware: Wednesday morning commute looks tricky

Joe’s Weather World: A dreary next 48 hours (THU-11/28)

The late date of Thanksgiving this year isn’t doing us any favors for our weather around here…a sleet/drippy mix is moving through the area but it doesn’t appear as if it will be causing any issues for the day aside from the wet roads in the area.

Temperatures will struggle all day with a lack of wind and the rain coming down. The rain is still somewhat trying to overcome the dry air below 10,000 feet or so…but if we get much above 36° or so it will be tough. Just a yucky day.

Tomorrow won’t be better…it will be even rainier and into the 40s.

The good news is that there are no snowstorms coming for quite some least through the 10th on today’s data it appears. Maybe longer as it appears the 1st half of December will be leaning towards the milder than average side of things here in the KC area.

  • Forecast:

Today: Cloudy with occasional showers. Cold and raw with highs around 35°

Tonight: Steady temperatures with some mist/drizzle possible…mid 30s

Tomorrow: Developing rain and perhaps some thunder towards evening with highs in the mid 40s

Saturday: Warmer start…mid 50s+ then windy and mostly sunny with highs near 60°

Sunday: Blustery and colder with gusty winds…highs back in the 30s with a colder feel. There may be some flurries later in the day too for the game

  • Discussion:

Not a pretty Thanksgiving…but overall I guess it could be worse…

The morning balloon launch from Topeka showed a pretty large area of dry air below 10,000 feet that I talked about last night…it’s been chewing away at the radar echoes as they’ve been coming towards the northeast overnight and this morning…but we’ve seen some sleet and rain in the last couple of hours in parts of the area.

That’s the way the day will go…just yucky.

The next system comes tomorrow and will develop a strong surface storm NW of the region into the far western Plains later tomorrow…that will move up towards NW IA on Saturday night and then move east towards Springfield, IL. A strong push of warm air will come northwards Friday night and hang with us for Saturday…50s to near 60° with wind for us…but bright on Saturday it appears.

Saturday night colder air will move in from the west and northwest…that means more wind and colder temperatures here on Sunday. Maybe some flurries too.

Here is the NAM model showing the playout…18Z is noon…0Z is 6PM…6Z is 12 AM and 12Z is 6PM

Hopefully between today and Saturday morning we get about 1/2″ of moisture…maybe more than that.

This is encouraging heading towards the start of December…

Odds strongly favor warmer than average temperatures.

OK that’s it…short blog today. Happy Thanksgiving!

Our feature photo comes from ‎Gail Morrow‎  out in Adrian, MO


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