Father warns of opioid abuse dangers after losing son

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.  — William Palmer died of a drug overdose on Nov. 25. His father, Robert Palmer, wants to open up a discussion about opioid abuse.

Will used to play soccer when he was 15. After a knee injury, he got hooked on pain killers. Robert said after his son’s death, he wants to send out three messages.

First, it’s important to have a conversation about drugs.

  • There are many parents out there who are dealing with a child or family member suffering from opioid abuse.
  • They are trying to keep it a secret because they’re either afraid to talk about it or are embarrassed by it.
  • Robert Palmer says it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Talk about it.

Second, he wants to remind family members to always carry Narcan.

  • Narcan saves the life of a person who overdosed.
  • HOWEVER: Just 30-45 minutes. They need to go to the hospital immediately.

Third, the drugs on the streets now are laced.

  • He says not just the parents but the users need to understand: this stuff is not what they think they’re taking. They are taking something much stronger and powerful, that no human can live through.
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