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Sedalia, Mo. – Hamra Enterprises, a Missouri based, long time franchisee of Wendy’s and Wendy’s International recognized two employees at the Wendy’s in Sedalia on Tuesday for their selfless act of heroism during a tragic deadly vehicle crash at the restaurant last month.

On July 13, Sedalia police detectives arrested 62-year-old Dennis Weaver on suspicion of driving while intoxicated after Weaver’s pickup truck rammed a Wendy’s fast food restaurant.

Police said six people were injured, including 81-year-old Carol Barnes, who was killed in the crash. Barnes’ husband, Don Barnes, a retired local judge.

President and CEO of Hamra Enterprises says he greatly appreciates the team members and first responders and the residents of Sedalia who sprung to action to help during the horrible event.

Hamra said 16-year-old Donavan Dobson and 22-year-old preston Carr risked their own safety to ensure the safety of other team members and guests in the restaurant.

“I am also inspired by the quick response and actions taken by the first responders, Sedalia Fire and Police Departments that day. Both were on the scene in a matter of minutes and for many that were in the restaurant at the time of the accident, Fire and Police personnel were like angels that just appeared in the midst of the situation.” Hamra said.

Both Dobson and Carr were honored Tuesday in a small ceremony in the back-parking lot of the restaurant. Co-workers, local officials, family and friends were present to help celebrate their efforts in the aftermath of the July 13 crash.

Dobson and Carr were both presented with plaques, a letter from Wendy’s CEO, Todd Penegor and a $300 Visa gift card each.