Ask the Experts: How to treat bunions with KC Foot Care

Ask The Experts
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. & OVERLAND PARK, Ks. — In this episode of ask the experts, Fox 4 talking to Fox 4 is talking to Dr Thomas F bembynista of KC Foot Care about bunions.
Bunions occur for many reasons some are hereditary, and some are caused buy injuries and activities shoes just aggravate the underlying problem.

Most bunions fall into a moderate category which is easily treated on an outpatient basis. Some bunions that are severe where are the big toe and second toe overlap require more extensive correction but with a very successful result. A common problem also is a bunion most people know by the turf toe or jammed big toe normally this is more on athletic people . It’s when the big toe doesn’t bend well.

When evaluating bunions and treatment it is important to make sure what do patient desires from treatment. There are conservative treatments that can reduce bunion pain and helped a patient with activities. For more information click here.

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