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  • New and old drugs may offer new ways to fight heart disease

    PHILADELPHIA — Novel drugs may offer fresh ways to reduce heart risks beyond the usual medicines to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. One new study found that heart attack survivors benefited from a medicine long used to treat gout. Several experimental drugs also showed early promise for interfering with heart-harmful genes without modifying the genes themselves — in one case, with treatment just twice a year. The research was featured at an American Heart Association conference ending Monday in Philadelphia. […]

  • Kyle Busch leads Gibbs trio to win 2nd NASCAR championship

    HOMESTEAD, Fla. — Kyle Busch casually collected the championship flag from his team and did a slow, subdued celebratory lap. The most polarizing driver in NASCAR had just won his second Cup title and wanted to soak in the moment with his true fans. He didn’t do his customary bow to the crowd, asked NASCAR for permission to take his 4-year-old son along for the ride to victory lane, and when the duo finally got there it was then that […]

  • Dunkin’ bans the ‘double-cup’ as it swaps foam for paper

    BOSTON — The Dunkin’ coffee chain says customers will have to do without a “double cup” for their iced drinks. A new campaign focused in Massachusetts and Rhode Island tells customers they can no longer nest their iced drinks in a second, foam cup for extra insulation as the company moves to eliminate its polystyrene cups. The brand says the double-cup habit was started in New England and is most common there. But by Dec. 1, all the region’s stores […]

  • Last survivor of the Hindenburg disaster dies at age 90

    CONCORD, N.H. — The last remaining survivor of the Hindenburg disaster, who suffered severe burns to his face, arms and legs before his mother managed to toss him and his brother from the burning airship, has died. Werner Gustav Doehner, the last among 62 passengers and crew who escaped the May 6, 1937, fire, was 90. The fire killed his father, sister and 34 others. He was just 8 years old at the time. “He did not talk about it,” […]

  • Teenager killed, four others hurt in rollover crash in northeast Kansas

    HIAWATHA, Kan. — A 16-year-old boy is dead and four other teens are hurt after a rollover crash in northeast Kansas. The Kansas Highway Patrol says the crash happened early Sunday in Brown County near U.S. Highway 36. The 17-year-old driver of a 2010 Toyota Corolla lost control of the car and veered into a ditch before the car went airborne and rolled onto its roof. The Patrol says Ian Miller of Hiawatha, Kansas, died in the crash. The other […]

  • Center School District increases substitute teacher pay

    KANSAS CITY, Mo.  — A Kansas City school district is increasing the pay of its substitute teachers in a move to address a shortage that is plaguing classrooms around the metro. Michael Weishaar, interim superintendent of the Center School District, said the district decided to increase its pay rate for substitutes from $100 a day to $110 over the summer. But the district decided to bump up pay to $130 a day just a few months into the school year. […]

  • Mexico’s Azteca hopes to shine for Chiefs vs. Chargers matchup after last year’s debacle

    MEXICO CITY — Mexico City’s Azteca Stadium is looking to put its best face forward Monday night when it hosts a regular-season matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers, after last season’s NFL game had to be moved to the L.A. Coliseum in a major black eye for the arena and the league. Poor field conditions forced the last-minute change of venue, which prompted headlines like “Colossal Shame” from the Mexican sports newspaper Record and others, […]

  • Kanye West talks about serving God during visit at Joel Osteen’s megachurch

    HOUSTON — Rapper Kanye West told parishioners at Joel Osteen’s Houston megachurch on Sunday that his recent spiritual awakening has made him realize he’s no longer in the service to fame and money but “in service to God.” West spoke to a packed crowd of about 16,000 people at Lakewood Church’s 11 a.m. service during an interview with Osteen from the stage. West told the parishioners about his recent conversion to Christianity and how God has been guiding him. “I […]

  • Democrats invite President Trump to testify in impeachment inquiry

    WASHINGTON — Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited President Donald Trump to testify in front of investigators in the House impeachment inquiry ahead of a week that will see several key witnesses appear publicly. Pushing back against accusations from the president that the process has been stacked against him, Pelosi said Trump is welcome to appear or answer questions in writing, if he chooses. “If he has information that is exculpatory, that means ex, taking away, culpable, blame, then we […]

  • Walmart alters disability reassignment policy to settle lawsuit

    AUGUSTA, Maine — Walmart has agreed to change its national policy for reassigning disabled workers to settle a lawsuit brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Maine. The settlement requires Walmart to offer disabled workers a vacant position in up to five nearby stores instead of just an employee’s current location. Walmart also agreed to pay $80,000 to a worker who was not offered the opportunity to transfer to another store. The lawsuit, in federal court in Bangor, […]

  • Kansas State among colleges offering ‘adulting’ classes for life skills. Professors say student’s aren’t to blame

    Many students entering college haven’t mastered basic life skills such as changing a tire or balancing a checkbook, so some universities are responding with noncredit workshops sometimes called “Adulting 101.”

  • United Auto Workers approve new 4-year contract with Ford

    The union said in a statement that 56.3% of workers who voted were in favor of the deal.

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