Christel Bell

Christel Bell joined the FOX4 Kansas City news team as an evening anchor in August 2020.

She grew up in Houston, Texas, but is certainly grateful to call Kansas City her home away from home.

Her gifts and talents have granted her the opportunity to launch a public speaking career at a young age, which became a driving force for her to pursue broadcast news.

She’s a graduate of the University of Houston. Her career has allowed her to live in Texas, Louisiana, and South Carolina.

Nearly 20 years ago, she started her career with the goal to use her voice to impact change, offer hope and inspiration through her storytelling.

Fast forward to today, Christel is an Emmy-nominated and award-winning journalist, who has made a mark in broadcast news.

In 2021, Formidable Woman Magazine recognized Christel as an outstanding woman in media.

As an inspirational speaker, she has used her personal story of triumph to empower women in her community to reach their full potential in life.

In 2023, she launched her brand, “Authenticity Needs No Apology” to help women and young people find their ‘authentic’ voice in a loud world.

Christel also helps operate the non-profit organization, IAM 4:Thirteens, a local teen girl mentoring program that offers college, career prep, and life skills programs.

Christel says, “In order to tell the stories of the community, I must be part of it. That’s the only way I can be a voice for the people who live here.”

Her philanthropy work as a host, and emcee, and speaker, has helped garner millions of dollars for various non-profits, organizations, churches, and worthy causes.

For her dedication and unwavering service, in 2023, Christel was awarded the Donald D. Sewing Prestigious Service Award.

Christel enjoys spending quality time with her family. She’s a serious binge TV watcher. She loves car karaoke and traveling.

Most important, Christel is blessed to have a wonderful husband and daughter.

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