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  • Red Friday flag picture

    Red Friday flag sales break donation record with more than $550K going to charity

    The half-million-dollar donation marks the highest Red Friday flag sales contribution since the club began selling them before the start of the 2014 season.

  • Ask the Experts: Learn about knee replacements

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In this edition of Ask the Experts, FOX4 is talking with Dr. Scott Abraham with the St. Joseph Medical Center and Overland Park Surgical Suites about achy knees. Dr. Abraham says there’s been a rise in knee replacements, and discusses the reasons why, and what you need to do to maintain an active lifestyle. Click here to sign up for a Knee Replacement Seminar.

  • Karli’s Weather Quiz

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Every weekday Karli wants to test your weather knowledge! The Weather Quiz segments sponsored by Minsky’s will air during the 7AM FOX4 Morning Show and you will have until noon each day to submit your answer. Each week we will randomly select one winner from all correct answers to receive a $25 Minksy’s Pizza gift card. Then once we have tested your knowledge for a YEAR all eligible viewers will be entered to win the grand […]

  • The countdown is on to WDAF-TV’s 70th anniversary

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Wednesday, August 7, marked 70 days until WDAF-TV’s 70th anniversary on October 16th. Each day until the big day, FOX4 will be taking a look back as we get closer to the celebration. The anniversary tour starts with our first full decade in operation: Watch the video for a glimpse into the 1950’s, as WDAF became Kansas City’s first full-time television station. You can also enjoy these features covering August 8 to August 16: 69 Days […]

  • Hotel Phillips shares how to make fritto misto

    Fritto Misto Tempura 1 cup Flour plus more to adjust Ice 1 btl Sparkling water   Stuffed Squash Blossoms 6 squash blossom stamen removed 1 ball mozzarella Basil   Whatever vegetables you want to fry up   Tomato Dipping Sauce 2 cups canned tomato 4 sprigs Mint 2 oz Evoo Salt and pepper Gently pull apart the top and take out the stamen.  Stuff with the mozzarella, and gently twist the top closed   Tempura Start with 2 cups of […]

  • Logo for Mark Alford podcast

    Gettin’ Comfortable with Mark Alford

    It's no secret that FOX4's Mark Alford has the gift of gab. He's made a career of speaking to the people of Kansas City. Whether it's hard-hitting questions or candid conversation, Mark gets Kansas City's most influential people to open up. He doesn't just talk; he listens. Now you can listen too.

  • WDAF’s 70th anniversary countdown rolls on with a glimpse between the ’80s and now

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The 1980s were more than big hair, shoulder pads, and perms. Take a look at the awesome ‘80s as seen through the cameras at WDAF-TV. You can also enjoy these features covering September 7 to September 20: 39 Days to Go: Check out the ‘80s news series that helped more than 400 foster kids and inspired a charity that’s still working today. 38 Days to Go: WDAF-TV wasn’t on air for the Liberty Memorial’s first Armistice […]

  • Reliving the ’70s and more as WDAF continues the countdown to our 70th anniversary

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — We begin the 50-day countdown to WDAF-TV’s 70th anniversary with a look at the 1970s, which were more than bell bottoms. Check out the big changes the decade brought to Kansas City! You can also enjoy these features covering August 28 to September 5: 49 Days to Go: WDAF-TV was the first local station to send out a color broadcast, but can you guess what year it happened? 48 Days to Go: WDAF-TV wasn’t on air […]

  • The countdown continues from 60 days to 51 before to WDAF-TV’s 70th anniversary

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With 60 days until WDAF-TV’s anniversary, FOX4 heads back to the 1960s for construction that would define a city, and conflict that would divide us. You can also enjoy these features covering August 18 to August 26: 59 Days to Go: One of the KC’s deadliest fires unfolds on live TV — and brings changes in the way we store chemicals and fight fires. 58 Days to Go: Back in 1976, KC played a major role […]

  • Hotel armed robberies pictures

    Police looking for man they say robbed 2 Independence hotels multiple times in August

    Multiple images from security cameras show the man with a silver and black handgun pointing the weapon at the receptionist.

  • See the latest trends — and fight cancer — at the annual Halls Fall Fashion Show

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With fall right around the corner, of course, that means it’s time for fall fashions. If you’re looking for the latest on what’s hot — or should we say what’s warm and cozy — the Halls Fall Fashion Show is a don’t-miss event, and it’s for a good cause, too. Ticket proceeds for the annual show benefit the Women’s Cancer at the University of Kansas Cancer Center. It’s scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Oct. 10 at Halls […]

  • Ask the Experts: Learn about solar panels with RisingSun Solar

    In this edition of Ask the Experts, FOX4 is talking with RisingSun Solar about solar panels. Watch the video above or listen to the podcast below to learn about how the panels work, and can provide energy for your home. Click here to see all episodes for Ask the Experts.

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