Judy joined the Fox 4 team in March 2014. She came by way of Macon, Ga where she spent two years falling in love with the South again.

Judy was born in California but raised in Texas. After she got her bachelor’s degree, Judy moved to New York to get her Masters in Journalism. She stayed in the Big Apple afterwards to try her hand at freelancing.

Now, she’s so glad to be in Kansas City. If you have a story idea or advice on great places to eat, give her a shout on twitter (@judyhle) or email (judy.le@wdaftv4.com).

Recent Articles
  • Officer saves man having heart attack with device the department purchased just weeks ago

    GRANDVIEW, Mo. — The chilly air brought Officer Brian Poynter inside an O’Reilly Auto Parts store. Instead of looking for gloves, employees rushed him toward the back of the store. “Another told me to come to the back, someone was having a heart attack,” he said. He said the man didn’t have a pulse. That’s when he called the radio for help. Within seconds, Officer Collin Morris responded. “I thought I was going to look for some other traffic stop, […]

  • Teen with autism who says music changed his life gets new trombone from Band of Angels

    DE SOTO, Kan. — Band of Angels strikes again. This time, surprising a 14-year-old with a trombone. The freshman has autism and Asperger syndrome and said music changed his life. Jason Mishler applied for an instrument with the FOX 4 Band of Angels Charity which provides instruments to students who need them. In his application, it described how music gave him a voice. Up until four years ago, the freshman at DeSoto High School couldn’t speak. Then he found band, […]

  • Man who survived crash caused by drunk driver pushes bill to hold bar owners accountable

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A drunk driver changed the life of an Overland Park man. Now he sets out to change a Kansas law. “To be able to walk, it’s the best gift I’ve ever received,” said Jeff Kudlacik. From blood transfusions to surgeries and now months of rehab, Jeff Kudlacik is celebrating every small victory. He had to learn how to eat, drink, and talk again after a life-changing car accident. Jeff doesn’t remember what happened, but the marks […]

  • Smiling faces signal a long wait is finally over on National Adoption Day

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Eighteen families adopted 26 kids in Jackson County for National Adoption Day. At this party, there was no stopping the celebration. From dapper bow ties to sparkly skirts, these kids dressed their very best because parents want to capture every moment of this day. Families are getting a little bigger on National Adoption Day. It’s the third time going through this process for the Blansits. Friday afternoon, they’re here for 3-year-old Ethan. “He’s just an amazing little […]

  • Fans clear our smoky classroom after Staley H.S. student’s phone overheats, catches fire

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s quite a story and makes for chatter all day long. “Everyone was excited, they’ve never seen that before so it was all hype,” said Cam Holmes. “It just blew up. It left a stain on the floor and all the hallways were smokey and stinky and stuff.” According to Clark Mershon, principal at Staley High School, a student’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone caught fire in a classroom on Thursday. “All is well, except for […]

  • Customers upset when KC service shop closes without returning equipment

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Young’s KC Mower Center has been open for nearly 50 years, but recently closed up and cleared out, and customers say the owners left without returning equipment. Dust has piled up on the doors and windows; the building is empty. There’s not even a sign that shows the name of this business. “I went to the back of the building which is its service shop, there’s no equipment. I knew they were gone. That’s why I […]

  • Woman who survived kidnapping and rape has message for others

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A metro woman who survived a harrowing attack after being kidnapped is speaking out with a message to anyone else who might find themselves in the same situation: Fight to the very end. Prosecutors charged 24-year-old Godfrey K. Kirui after they say he stole a car with a woman still inside, drove off, and raped her on Sunday. That night out turned into a nightmare when Terra May found herself trapped with a complete stranger. The 22-year-old woman […]

  • With dreams of a bright future, more than 100 immigrants become American citizens at Kansas City ceremony

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — More than 100 immigrants from 45 different countries all become American citizens Thursday afternoon at the Kansas City library. Rami Ghanem waited a decade for his moment. “You have more potential here to do whatever you want in this country. Open businesses, finish education, everything you want you can do in this country,” he said with a smile. Ghanem is from Jordan. He came to America in 2003 with big dreams of a better future. He […]

  • Worried mother finds son playing in stranger’s home after school bus drops him off at wrong location

    SHAWNEE, Kan. — A school bus mix-up leaves a mother searching for her seven-year-old son who has autism. The bus driver dropped him off on the wrong street, a stranger took him in. LaShane Harper waited outside for the school bus driver to drop off her son, but he wasn’t there. She called First Student and then Shawnee police. She was told the driver already dropped Isaiah off at his house. “Whose home? I’ve been waiting outside for ten minutes […]

  • Mother upset after teacher hits child on the head with iPad

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A mother is outraged after she said a teacher hit her 10-year-old on the head with an iPad. Slamming doors in anger, inappropriate language, and the recovery room, this is the discipline form documenting Marcus McGinnie’s behavior. His teacher at Dobbs Elementary also wrote she “bopped him on the head with an iPad” on Monday. He said he was hit on the head three times. McGinnie threw a temper tantrum and admitted he was wrong for acting […]

  • Long lines, packed parking lots greet voters looking to cast ballots before Election Day

    OLATHE, Kan. — Long lines greeted early and absentee voters as the long campaign season began to wind down on Monday. Voting was smooth sailing for the most part, as early polling places wrapped up at noon to get ready for Election Day on Tuesday. Drivers trying to find parking and voters passing through traffic; all signs pointed to the last day of early voting. “I went through the parking lot twice to find a parking spot. When I came […]

  • Masked men ransack home of Prairie Village couple in their late 80’s, 90’s before daybreak on Friday

    PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — Lulu the guard dog sounds more ferocious than she looks. Her bark is often an alarm for her owners. But when Elaine and John Douglas needed her the most, Lulu was oddly quiet. “When they turned on the bedroom light, they were standing at the foot of the bed with their guns pointed at us,” Elaine told FOX 4’s Judy Le. The couple lay in bed while two men wearing masks ransacked their room at 4:30 […]

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