Garry joined the station in April of 2019 as the weekend meteorologist. As a Kansas City native, he’s excited to be back home. He’s a graduate of the University of Missouri and before he made the full circle back home, he had a couple of stops in Arizona and Michigan. He’s very much looking forward to getting back to the exciting weather of the Central Plains. That’s where his fascination of weather began at a young age. He’s looking forward to working with the other members of the FOX4 weather team that he’s either grown up watching, or gone to school with!

When you don’t see him on air, Garry is likely at the golf course or traveling. He also loves the Royals and came back for the 2014 and 2015 World Series games.

He’s very excited to be back home with friends and family and he’s looking forward to seeing you around town at many of the fun events and everything else going on around town!

Recent Articles
  • Joe’s Forecast: Iffy Saturday at times…heaviest at night

    A few showers are possible overnight but the showers/storms will slowly increase on Saturday so have an umbrella ready during the day. It won`t rain all day though. Then the higher chances will come later Saturday night into Sunday morning…some areas may see 2-4″ of rain We’ve all taken shots at a local TV meteorologist at one point or another, and we’ve certainly seen your comments on social media. Just why is it so difficult to figure out how much […]

  • September heat continues: Warm weather lingers for the next 10 days in Kansas City

    It’s another hot and humid day on this Monday afternoon. The humidity has been slowly rising since Saturday afternoon and temperatures have been rising with it as well. Our long range temperature forecast from the Climate Prediction Center gives us an above-average chance at temperatures above the norm through the end of the month. Our average high and low temperatures right now are 79/57, by the way. Just because we’re going to finish the summer a little bit warmer than […]

  • Severe weather threat returns Monday

    I bet you didn’t expect that we’d be mentioning a pretty good severe weather threat after the Sunday we’ve had, but here we are.  The system that plagued us all day Sunday and brought over 2″ of rain to many areas is slowly exiting and will make way for our next frontal systems.  Despite some early fog and drizzle, a warm front is poised to move into the area Monday and boost our temperatures and bring up the humidity.  As […]

  • Heat and humidity return, Heat Advisory in place to start the week

    After all, it’s still August, so we should probably expect this.  Did we need it so soon after the rounds of heavy rain we’ve gotten over the last few days, though?  Our average high temperature this time of year is still 88 degrees, after all. A Heat Advisory has already been issued for much of our area on Tuesday from 1-8 PM.  Areas to the NE may get a bit of a break from one of those rain complexes that […]

  • Second round of severe thunderstorms, heavy rain comes into KC metro overnight

    After last night’s heavy rain and wind damage, the last thing most of us want to hear is that we’re under another severe weather threat Friday night. Earlier in the day, you may have noted that we were under an “enhanced” risk. That’s the third category of the five risk levels provided by the Storm Prediction Center. Our reduction to “slight” (two) doesn’t mean the severe weather threat is done or completely diminished. It’s got more to do with the […]

  • Heat advisory in place Monday with triple-digit heat index in forecast

    Could you feel the stickiness in the air this afternoon?  It didn’t take long after the clouds separated after that morning rain. It was incredibly humid today and it’s only going to get worse Monday afternoon.  Monday morning, a few showers and storms may develop after the warm front passes through.  That’s one of the big reasons it’s going to get a bit more hot and humid on Monday. A Heat Advisory is in place for Monday afternoon for most […]

  • Not a completely rainy Sunday

    It’s probably been a welcome sight for most of us: widespread rain that wasn’t too heavy on radar for once.  Yes, I know there are some exceptions.  If you had an outdoor event this morning, this probably wasn’t idea.  The line of storms what moved through Trenton and Chillicothe also packed a brief punch.  All is well, though.  We’re not going to completely rain out your Sunday. Most of the rain is expected to trend off to the east with […]

  • Thursday’s rain setup a bit different

    Sights like this were fairly common throughout the metro Wednesday morning as a line of strong thunderstorms moved through our area.  These shelf clouds preceded some pretty decent rainfall and a wet start to the morning.  Thursday looks to set up a bit differently, however. A Flash Flood Watch is in place through midday Thursday for eastern Kansas and a few areas in western Missouri.  Part of this has to do with the expected heavy rain over the next 18 […]

  • It’s the ‘It always misses my house’ season again

    This is an article I could probably write at least 4 times per year, but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself in a while.  We’ve been in one of those patterns where 20, 30, and 40% rain chances are quite frequent.  But if you look at most people’s lawns, or anything that’s not regularly watered, it’s probably getting much drier.  As a whole, we haven’t seen too much widespread rain of late.  Yes, I know you’re looking at this in Lawrence […]

  • Periods of heavy rain greet the metro as July turns to August

    A few showers and thunderstorms developed Tuesday afternoon and evening in southern Iowa and far northern Missouri.  As you watch this loop on radar, I’d like you to note how they’re moving over the same areas repeatedly.  This is a pattern we’re going to get into over the next few days, and that’s why we really focus on flooding potential. I expect a few showers and storms to be hanging around for the early part of Wednesday morning, but it […]

  • Rain holds off for weekend plans

    Good morning!  A weak cold front positioned in western Kansas currently will move through later today and bring us cloud cover and rain chances later on.  Most of your Sunday is going to be dry, though.  Lots of sunshine and high clouds early in the day will allow us to warm up closer to 90 degrees yet again. While a few isolated showers may develop closer to sunset, the majority of our rain will start to move in to NE […]

  • Heavy rain overnight, more storms possible this afternoon

    Good Sunday morning!  A lot of you woke up to the sounds of the windows rattling with lots of thunder and heavy rain.  I want you to take a look at this full radar loop from last night.  It’s fairly unique in the sense that it changed its motion more quickly than one would expect.  Initially, this was a system you could see in in the distance with flashes of lightning.  Notice how even at 11 PM, it didn’t look […]

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