Garry joined the station in April of 2019 as the weekend meteorologist. As a Kansas City native, he’s excited to be back home. He’s a graduate of the University of Missouri and before he made the full circle back home, he had a couple of stops in Arizona and Michigan. He’s very much looking forward to getting back to the exciting weather of the Central Plains. That’s where his fascination of weather began at a young age. He’s looking forward to working with the other members of the FOX4 weather team that he’s either grown up watching, or gone to school with!

When you don’t see him on air, Garry is likely at the golf course or traveling. He also loves the Royals and came back for the 2014 and 2015 World Series games.

He’s very excited to be back home with friends and family and he’s looking forward to seeing you around town at many of the fun events and everything else going on around town!

Recent Articles
  • Joe’s Forecast: Heat wave coming to KC region this week

    Heat and humidity will come with a vengeance during the middle of the week with temperatures through the weekend running 5-10 degrees above average. Rain chances look slim to non through early next week We’ve all taken shots at a local TV meteorologist at one point or another, and we’ve certainly seen your comments on social media. Just why is it so difficult to figure out how much snow is actually going to fall? Pouring rain, days of snow, temperatures […]

  • Stay cool, KC: Excessive heat watch in place Wednesday through Saturday

    Our warmest temperature at KCI this year so far is 93 degrees. That’s going to change starting as early as Wednesday this week. Ahead of this heat, our area has been placed under an Excessive Heat Watch from Wednesday afternoon through Saturday evening. Our forecast high temperatures on Wednesday, for example, range from the low to upper 90s. While this is very hot, it’s the humidity component that’s going to make this a bit more dangerous. Heat index readings (what […]

  • Pop up storms continue this weekend

    The same pattern we’ve been dealing with will continue this weekend, but once again, not everyone’s going to get rain this weekend.  Some areas may remain completely dry, while others pick up another inch or two of rain. That’s the pattern we’re stuck in, and you’ve probably heard most of the weather team refer to these “boundaries.”  I don’t have to tell you how steamy it is outside and how that’s been the case the last few days.  This is […]

  • Another Heat Advisory in effect for Saturday

    Good morning! I would normally say “If you’re lucky, you got one of these brief showers this morning,” but I don’t know if I would classify this as a huge positive.  It probably helps you for watering your lawn (for too long,) but I think it probably makes it feel like an early steam bath, personally. This rain won’t last too long this morning and will fizzle out shortly. Another Heat Advisory is in effect starting at 1 p.m. Saturday […]

  • Friday will be a scorcher marked by first Heat Advisory this season

    We reached 90 degrees for the first time officially at KCI on Thursday and we’re poised to do so on a pretty consistent basis over the next few days as well.  We’re under our first Heat Advisory of the season as well.  Not so much because we’re going to touch 90 again, but because the prolonged humidity attached to it as well. Our Heat Index readings are going to be at 100 or above for several hours this afternoon.  That’s […]

  • Record broken: Wettest start to the year in KC history

    I don’t need to tell you that it’s been a rainy first half of the year.  We still haven’t hit 90 officially, it’s been cooler, and it seems like it’s always rainy.  The torrential rain over the last 24 hours has solidified it: Kansas City is on pace for the wettest year in history.  I encourage you to look at Joe’s latest blog post for further information regarding specifics from last night and how this rainy season shapes up in comparison […]

  • Severe storms possible again, remain Weather Aware tonight

    This morning we’ve had a few showers and storms in the metro area.  They’ve hung around a bit longer into the morning, but I’m still expecting the skies to clear out later this afternoon.  If you’ll notice in the video above (or even just the thumbnail,) most of us have been highlighted in the “Slight” risk category in the yellow. Since the latest update at 8AM, most of the metro area is now included in the “Enhanced” risk highlighted by […]

  • ‘Gustnado’: What was that crazy little tornado-like cloud Friday morning?

    Many of us woke up to scenes like this one above: low hanging shelf clouds ominously moving across the metro. The wind picked up, followed by heavy rain and very frequent lightning. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings were issued multiple times for different counties. While there were no tornado warnings issued, there were a few videos that showed something ahead of one of those shelf clouds. View this post on Instagram While most of the metro's focus was on straightline wind gusts, […]

  • Severe weather possible in select areas this afternoon

    We're under a slight/enhanced risk for severe weather this afternoon.  The silver lining to this is that we've seen the enhanced risk shift slightly to the SE since the latest update overnight.

  • KC metro under Tornado Watch until 10 p.m. Tuesday; Here’s the timing, other threats

    Good afternoon! As you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard about the severe weather threat for this afternoon and evening. If not, here’s the deal: we’ve got a Tornado Watch for the metro area until 10 p.m. and a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for areas in far northern MO and KS.  We’ve had a few severe thunderstorm warnings already, but our main concern is the tornado potential later on this evening. Looking at the radar over the last few hours, we’ve seen […]

  • Severe weather threat continues (with breaks)

    I know this is probably not what most of you want to hear for a couple of reasons, maybe a combination of the two. It’s the holiday weekend and you’re probably fed up with the rain and constant severe weather threat we’ve been experiencing. The good news is that it’s going to take some time for this to materialize, and not all of your holiday weekend will be complicated by rain. First off let’s start with your rain chances the […]

  • Saturday’s severe threat

    We’re continuing to be Weather Aware today because the entirety of our area is under a “Slight” risk for severe weather.  For us, I think this comes in two parts.  The timing is obviously very important with so many outdoor events and activities planned this weekend. The Storm Prediction Center has already issued a discussion this morning regarding the possibility of a severe thunderstorm watch being issues within the next couple of hours.  As I write this, it’s a little […]

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