Grant Flanders

Grant Flanders joined FOX4’s digital team with a desire to serve the local area with the news, weather and sports information they need. He’s spent the last few years living in the Kansas City area while covering Kansas State University sports for Rivals and On3.

He joined K-State Online of the Rivals network before graduating K-State in 2019. He then stayed with them full-time after earning his degree in Manhattan.

Grant and his significant other currently reside in the Johnson County, Kansas. His hobbies include spending time in beautiful weather, watching movies, and of course, a passion for sports.

He is a Kansas State Wildcat and Kansas City Chiefs fan at heart, but also holds a special place for his former home-state team’s in Detroit (Lions, Pistons, Red Wings and Tigers) as well as the Michigan State Spartans. He grew up in the East Lansing, Michigan area.

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