I’m a morning news producer at Fox 4. It is a joy and pleasure to help deliver the news that airs each weekday morning. I have a passion for news that I developed at an early age.
I’ve been at Fox 4 since December 2007. I moved to Kansas City after working two years in Waterloo, Iowa. I’m from Carbondale, Illinois originally. I may not have grown up in Kansas City, but I truly feel that this place has become my home. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and go to amazing places.

Another passion of mine is food! I love going to new, local restaurants and trying new things. I wasn’t always very willing to try exotic foods, but I’m growing in that area. I love writing about the food I’ve tried. I hope you enjoy these critiques too!
You may also see me write about music from time to time. I love music and always have! My favorite singers are Madonna and Britney Spears. I’m a huge pop music fan!! No apologies!

Recent Articles
  • “You’re Getting Fat”…And It Stinks!

    A friend of mine wrote the phrase “you’re getting fat” under a photo I posted on Facebook. That photo is the one you see on this page. That picture of me was taken this past weekend. When I read those words I have to admit, it really hurt. It doesn’t matter if you’re in grade school, high school or a grown man. When someone calls you ‘fat’, it stings! It brought back feelings I haven’t felt in a long time.  […]

  • The Dubliner: A Charmed Restaurant

    The Dubliner has big shoes to fill! It is the latest restaurant to open in the Power & Light District. It is replacing Raglan Road. It has a prime location across from the Sprint Center at 14th & Grand. And just like Raglan Road, it is serving up Irish fare.  Raglan Road was one of the first restaurants to open in P&L. But, it never seemed to be that busy. When it closed last year, I was crushed! I thought […]

  • 77 South: Where Disco Meets Dinner

    I wasn’t alive during that 1970’s. But I love the music, fashion and fun that seemed to rule that decade. So, as you can imagine, I was quite excited when I discovered there was a 70’s-themed restaurant right in my backyard. Actually, Leawood isn’t actually my backyard, but it’s close enough. I went to 77 South, near 135th and Nall, this past weekend for a birthday celebration. And I think the atmosphere definitely helped up us get in a celebratory […]

  • The Battle of the Bar Foods

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This past weekend, I ventured to two popular bars in Kansas City, Mo. — The Flying Saucer and 810 Zone. The Flying Saucer is located at 13th and Walnut in the Power & Light District. 810 Zone is in the heart of the Country Club Plaza at 47th & Broadway. I decided to put the bar/restaurants to the ultimate test. Which one delivers an all-around better experience? Both of these establishments are more than mere bars. […]

  • Manny’s: A Kansas City Staple Evolves

    Mexican restaurants are a dime a dozen in Kansas City.  On Southwest Boulevard, you can’t drive more than a few hundred feet without seeing a brightly colored Mexican restaurant.  So, it can be a challenge to stand out from the rest.  But, Manny’s on Southwest Boulevard is up to the test…and then some. I went to Manny’s on a Friday night in January.  And, the place was buzzing.  Manny’s has a great location near W. 20th & Southwest Blvd.  That […]

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