Kaci Jones

Kaci Jones joined the winning team at FOX4 on New Year’s Eve 2020. You may have seen her on another Kansas City TV station, but she’s here to stay.  

Before moving to the heart of America, Kaci worked as a reporter in Rochester, New York. Her most memorable work was tracking down a slumlord who owned dozens of properties in the city. Some of his properties had infestations, broken heat, unserviceable mailboxes, and mounds of trash. After Kaci found and exposed the property owner, he sold to a legitimate management company, helping secure affordable and safe housing for dozens of families. Kaci’s work also sparked legislation to protect tenants and the formation of a tenant’s rights union. 

Kaci believes in holding people in power accountable to the communities they serve. She takes pride in asking tough but impactful questions. She won’t back down from getting to the truth and working for you.

Kaci was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and moved to South Florida in high school. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism from Florida A&M University. 

Kaci loves food! She appreciates fine dining and mom-and-pop spots. She spends a lot of time in her own kitchen cooking up tasty but healthy eats. Whether near or far, she loves to travel and explore. Kaci’s not so hidden talent is karaoke. She’s known to break the ice with a random fact that will shock or entertain you. Kaci is a Christian and enjoys spreading love and kindness wherever she can. She loves speaking to classes and hosting events.

Kaci is the president of Kansas City Association of Black Journalists and a member of National Association of Black Journalists. She believes journalists are morally and ethically obligated to tell fair, balanced and accurate stories.  

Kaci believes she works for you and she is actively trying to understand the needs of the community. She hopes you’ll reach out to her if she can ever help you or someone you know. 

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