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Emmy Award Winning Linda Wagar brings 30 years of newsgathering experience to her position as an investigative reporter and Problem Solver for FOX 4. She began her career covering crime news and local government for newspapers in Oregon and Indiana. She then worked for United Press International as an editor and later as UPI’s statehouse correspondent in Kentucky.
After leaving UPI, Linda spent seven years as senior editor for a national magazine that covered issues facing state governments. Her articles explored the rebuilding of Los Angeles after the Rodney King riots, the influence of lobbyist spending on state lawmakers and questionable use of lottery and gambling revenue in some states.
A television appearance in 1994 led to Linda’s move into television news. Linda was covering the National Governors Association’s annual meeting for her magazine when she was interviewed for a segment on C-Span. The general manager for WLEX-TV in Lexington , Ky., saw her and hired her to cover Kentucky state government.
Five years later, Linda joined FOX 4 as an investigative reporter. Her work prompted the Ray County prosecutor’s office to file murder charges in a case originally called a suicide. She exposed corrupt dealings by an Independence transmission-repair shop. Her stories shut down a Lenexa travel agency that was defrauding senior citizens, uncovered price gouging by local pharmacies and exposed a local minister who was passing bad checks.
Linda’s work has been recognized with three Emmy awards for investigative and general news reporting. In addition, she has several awards from the Missouri Broadcasters Association for best documentary, best news series and best feature story.
Linda holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science from the University of Kentucky . Linda, who speaks Norwegian, studied history, politics and Norwegian for a year at Bjertnes Videre Goende Skole in Nittedal , Norway .
Linda resides in Kansas City , Mo. , with her husband. Her son Clay works as an economist in Washington DC. In her free time, Linda enjoys cooking, traveling and learning to speak French badly.

Recent Articles
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    GARDNER, Kan. — Anyone who owns a home knows how much labor, love and money it takes to maintain it. So imagine how you’d feel if you discovered you didn’t legally own your own home. It happens all the time in the world of manufactured housing. Virgil and Jessica Wright have a bill of sale proving they paid for their manufactured house two years ago, but they don’t have a title. Without a title, they can’t prove they’re the true […]

  • Metro man warns others after woman rips him off with fake check for nearly $30,000

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Colin Mills thought he had found a good friend in a Kansas City woman he met at the gym. He never imagined that six months later, he’d be calling FOX4 Problem Solvers to report her as a con artist. It all started after Mills’ father died and left him a Mustang, the muscle car they had enjoyed working on together. But Mills couldn’t swing the payments on both the Mustang and his Ford truck. “That’s where Pam […]

  • Contractor repays elderly couple for unfinished work after county leaders demand justice

    OSBORN, Mo. — Don’t mess with DeKalb County: That’s what one contractor discovered not long after FOX4 Problem Solvers aired a story about him and the money he took from an elderly couple. Last August, Problem Solvers met with Leola and Norman Baumgarden who had given Randy Turner $11,500 to start building a garage next to their home in Osborn, Missouri. After taking the money, Turner never did the work. “How are (we) going to save that kind of money […]

  • Contractor takes thousands from metro homeowner then disappears — again

    INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A metro contractor FOX4 Problem Solvers has warned you about before is back in the news again with another elderly victim. Rony Guardiola walked around the outside of his Independence home, pointing to all the places where he paid to have work done. “He was supposed to replace all the sidings, the gutters and the awnings,” said Guardiola, a hard-working father and grandfather and the latest victim of Bounmy Suady, a Jackson County contractor with the a […]

  • Raymore mom battles with VA over crucial care for daughter with spina bifida

    RAYMORE, Mo. — Jocelyn Janes is living proof that Agent Orange, the chemical sprayed over the jungles of Vietnam, did more than expose American soldiers to harm. It also affected their children. Janes, 34, is one of an estimated 8,000 children of Vietnam veterans born with spina bifida. Her father served there as a Marine. “It was discovered that spina bifida was the most frequent birth defect among Vietnam veterans’ (children),” said Donna Wallis, Jocelyn’s mom. So many children were […]

  • Why some police departments won’t stop chasing no matter what the cost

    INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — When most of us see a police chase, we’re rooting for police to catch the criminal. But the fact is the criminal isn’t the only one at risk. Every year, nationwide, more than 300 people are killed because of high-speed pursuits. People headed to work, or church or just crossing the street. People like 17-year-old Chris Cooper. He was headed home on his bicycle and crossing Noland Road in Independence when he was killed by a driver […]

  • Innocent bystanders often caught in the middle of metro police chases

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It was almost 5 p.m. Lisa Wendell was on her way home from work. She just pulled into a major intersection at Blue Parkway and Cleveland when the accident happened. “They hit me at such a high rate of speed that it spun my car all the way around,” Wendell said. She’s never been the same since the accident more than a year ago. “The headaches just kept getting worse and worse,” said Wendell, whose speech and […]

  • Grain Valley man says Independence jewelry store swapped Rolex for knock-off

    GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — All Jay Campbell wanted was to have a two links removed in the Rolex watch he planned to give to his son. Months later he’s suing the jewelry store, claiming they swapped his Rolex for a cheap initiation. “They buy Rolexes and fix them, “ the Grain Valley resident said, explaining why he chose Gold Rush Exchange last June to work on his Rolex. The store’s manager promised he would have the links in the watch […]

  • Kansas City woman sued for not paying city tax she didn’t know existed

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City woman is furious with the city for suing her for not paying a tax she didn’t even realized existed. “I’m a taxpayer,” Taitum Kovacs said. “That’s my obligation, and I understand that.” But what Kovacs doesn’t understand is why Kansas City never notified her that for six years she had failed to pay the city’s 1 percent earnings tax before filing suit and loading on nearly $2,000 in penalties and interest to the […]

  • Metro businesses step up to help Sugar Creek woman who lost $30k to shady contractor

    SUGAR CREEK, Mo. — A Sugar Creek woman’s struggles with a metro contractor who took $30,000 and never finished the work has sparked an outpouring of help. FOX4 first introduced June Lowe in May. After her house was damaged in an electrical fire, she paid Bounmy Saudy $30,000 to restore it. But he hasn’t done the work and has never given back the money. Fortunately, the community came to the rescue. Thanks to the amazing generosity of some metro companies, now […]