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Emmy Award Winning Linda Wagar brings 30 years of newsgathering experience to her position as an investigative reporter and Problem Solver for FOX 4. She began her career covering crime news and local government for newspapers in Oregon and Indiana. She then worked for United Press International as an editor and later as UPI’s statehouse correspondent in Kentucky.
After leaving UPI, Linda spent seven years as senior editor for a national magazine that covered issues facing state governments. Her articles explored the rebuilding of Los Angeles after the Rodney King riots, the influence of lobbyist spending on state lawmakers and questionable use of lottery and gambling revenue in some states.
A television appearance in 1994 led to Linda’s move into television news. Linda was covering the National Governors Association’s annual meeting for her magazine when she was interviewed for a segment on C-Span. The general manager for WLEX-TV in Lexington , Ky., saw her and hired her to cover Kentucky state government.
Five years later, Linda joined FOX 4 as an investigative reporter. Her work prompted the Ray County prosecutor’s office to file murder charges in a case originally called a suicide. She exposed corrupt dealings by an Independence transmission-repair shop. Her stories shut down a Lenexa travel agency that was defrauding senior citizens, uncovered price gouging by local pharmacies and exposed a local minister who was passing bad checks.
Linda’s work has been recognized with three Emmy awards for investigative and general news reporting. In addition, she has several awards from the Missouri Broadcasters Association for best documentary, best news series and best feature story.
Linda holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science from the University of Kentucky . Linda, who speaks Norwegian, studied history, politics and Norwegian for a year at Bjertnes Videre Goende Skole in Nittedal , Norway .
Linda resides in Kansas City , Mo. , with her husband. Her son Clay works as an economist in Washington DC. In her free time, Linda enjoys cooking, traveling and learning to speak French badly.

Recent Articles
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    GRANDVIEW, Mo. — A Grandview four-year-old is one of two children being treated for second-degree burns after a visit to a playground over Memorial Day weekend. It’s a situation so alarming that the city has placed warning signs at the playground. “We went there to enjoy the water since it was so warm out,” said Dawna Wright, who took four children to Grandview’s John Anderson Splash Park on Memorial Day. Wright’s youngest, four-year-old Asia Smith, was more fascinated by the […]

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  • Metro tow company illegally running wrecks won’t give Independence man his car back

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — April 17 was a very bad day for David Ho. First his Lexus was rear-ended in Kansas City. Then a tow truck showed up. That’s when Ho’s very bad day suddenly got a whole lot worse. It’s illegal for a tow truck to stop at an accident in Kansas City without first being called by a customer. But some towers repeatedly ignore that law. 24/7 Tow and Recovery – the company that towed Ho’s car – has been […]

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  • Metro woman shocked after car repair shop ups bill by $1,000 with no warning

    STILLWELL, Kan. — Nobody likes to be surprised by a bill, but a Kansas woman sure was. Her auto shop promised a $3,000 repair but charged her for $4,000 instead and wouldn’t return the car without the cash. A 1991 Crown Vic with a troubled engine started the problem for Cheryl Wankum. “This is his baby,” Wankum said of her son Talar’s car. He’s currently station in North Carolina. “He left for deployment in June and he wanted this done […]

  • Harrisonville car lot owner sells vehicles but never hands over titles, customers say

    HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — A metro family had planned to take a road trip to Tennessee this month, but that’s on indefinite hold — all because of a Harrisonville car lot owner who isn’t following the law. Tracy Vunovich and her husband purchased a 2012 Buick Enclave from Super Auto Sales in Harrisonville in January. Although it’s paid for in a full, the family can’t legally drive the car because they’ve never been given the title and can’t get it registered […]

  • FOX4 investigates: When appliances go bad, are home warranties actually worth it?

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  • Problem Solvers Hall of Shame: Metro landlord leaves duped tenants out more than $15,000

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A metro family is out more than $15,000. That’s what they gave a Northland woman to rent a house for a year. But they never got the house, and now they can’t get their money back either. “It’s a beautiful home,” Kristi Slusher said as she thumbed through the dozens of photos on her phone sent to her by the owner. The Kansas City rental house was perfect for her family, and owner Miesha Caldwell promised […]

  • KC dealership causes problems for JoCo. woman after giving her illegal tags for new car

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Danielle Carnes was just a block away from work when she was pulled over by Leavenworth Police for driving with a stolen tag. “Are you kidding me?” Carnes remembered asking the officer. But the officer wasn’t. He took her license plate and handed her a ticket for possession of stolen property. That’s a criminal charge that carries up to a $2,500 fine and a year in jail. Here’s the rub: Carnes had just bought the car […]

  • Court records reveal details into sheriff’s affair with his employee

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp resigned Wednesday after court documents revealed a five-year affair with a woman who quickly became the highest paid civilian employee in his agency. The explosive details come from recent court filings in the case of Christine Lynde vs. Jackson County, Missouri. Lynde, a payroll clerk for the sheriff’s department, first sued the county three years ago claiming sexual harassment and discrimination by three coworkers. Sheriff Mike Sharp was not one of […]