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  • ‘We should be smarter than that’: Researchers keep warning yet teens are vaping more than ever

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — You’ve no doubt seen the headlines surrounding e-cigarettes: the potential dangers, the restrictions, the stats on how many people — especially teens — use them. Researchers are undoubtedly worried about that last one. Despite the fact that e-cigarettes are illegal for anyone under 18, one in every five teens admits to vaping. But what’s even more worrisome is most scientists aren’t sure about the long-term effects of it. “We haven’t found anything yet that would suggest […]

  • Hurt by hate, local leaders and groups promote efforts to stem tide of extremism

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — It started out as a day like any other. Mindy Corporon made breakfast for her family, took her younger son to a lacrosse game and sent off her older son, 14-year-old Reat Underwood, to the KC Superstars audition at the Jewish Community Center. But just a couple of hours later, Underwood and his grandfather, 69-year-old William Corporon, would be dead. They were murdered in the parking lot of the Jewish Community Center by Frazier Glenn Cross, […]

  • Unusual alliance hopes Clay County shares its dark history with lynching memorial

    Editor’s note: Some of the photos included in the video above and story below could be considered graphic to some viewers.  LIBERTY, Mo. — A 17-year-old Liberty High School junior, Audrey McBride has always had a love of history. But she had no idea. “It’s never really occurred to me that such a horrendous event could have happened,” she said. But it happened in her home county — twice. She had no idea until her family took a Christmas break […]

  • Some argue immigrating ‘the right way’ works while others say America’s system is broken

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For thousands of immigrants all over the world, the American dream is a chance at a better life. But it’s a dream that’s creating a nightmare at the border. Immigration agents predict more than one million immigrants will try to cross the border from Mexico into the United States this year alone. That’s a record-breaking number. The number of immigrants taking the oath to become new American citizens is also breaking records. And many of those new […]

  • Overland Park man sues city, Johnson Co. DA over records about deadly police shooting of teenage boy

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — On Wednesday, an Overland Park citizen asked a judge to force the city and Johnson County district attorney to release records related to the night a police officer shot and killed 17-year-old John Albers. A dispute over what the city and district attorney have the right to hold back from the public is at the heart of lawsuit. In January of 2018, Albers was in emotional distress and threatened suicide to his friends over video chat. […]

  • Invoices show Clay County spent more than $902,000 on outside legal help last year

    CLAY COUNTY, Mo. – FOX4 Problem Solvers have uncovered new invoices in Clay County for outside legal help, and Presiding Commissioner Jerry Nolte calls the total spent “insane.” Based on invoices FOX4 obtained, Clay County spent $902,019 in 2018 on outside attorneys and lobbying firms. When FOX4 showed Nolte the figure, he said, “that sounds about the ballpark where I’m in when I do my math on it. It’s insane.” Nolte said that number is at least seven times what was […]

  • With questions and grief remaining, Overland Park family remembers son killed by police

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — How did a call about a child in crisis escalate into a deadly shooting? One local family is still searching for answers after an Overland Park police officer killed their 17-year-old son, who was threatening suicide. Why did the officer fire more than a dozen bullets at John Albers, and why did Johnson County rule the shooting justified? FOX4’s Dhomonique Ricks uncovered information that reveals what really happened the night police shot and killed the teen. […]

  • Family pet becomes metro courtroom’s first dog for young witnesses needing support

    PLATTE CITY, Mo. — On a recent afternoon in the Platte County Courthouse, a teen collapsed in tears outside a courtroom. She had just shared her difficult allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of a former family friend. As the tears flowed, she was surrounded by family, friends, and Rasta. The specially trained therapy dog sensed her sadness and moved into comfort her. Moments before, he had been at her side in the witness box as she told her […]

  • As one family learned, this metro county appears to go easy on drunk drivers who kill

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — About 10,000 people are killed by drunk drivers every year. That’s one alcohol related death every 48 minutes. Those drivers usually face criminal charges, including driving while intoxicated and involuntary manslaughter, and the corresponding sentence. But that doesn’t always happen, especially in one local county. FOX4 uncovered cases where drunk drivers killed someone and served little, if any, time behind bars. That has some families asking, “Where is the justice?” Oscar Jimenez was a devoted son, […]

  • Investigation finds sex offenders call nursing homes in Missouri home, too

    INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — When Kim, who didn’t want FOX4 to use her last name, moved into Redwood of Independence, she didn’t know that three of her fellow nursing home residents were registered sex offenders. “No, no, they don’t tell you anything,” she said, now out of the nursing home after a 30-day stint to rehab from a minor stroke. In Missouri, Kansas and most other states, they don’t have to tell you. Indeed, there’s no requirement in the laws of […]

  • Your baby’s car seat has an expiration date — here’s why you should take it seriously

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There are expiration dates on food, batteries and even our beauty products, designed to make sure those products are safe and effective. But there’s another important item, one designed to protect your most precious cargo, that has a limited shelf life, too. A car seat is arguably the most important product you can buy to ensure your child’s safety. Parents spend hours researching the best ones on the market, and spend hundreds of dollars on the […]

  • As one Overland Park family learned, finding mental health help can be daunting

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Teddy Briedenthal was the typical Johnson County kid. Loving parents, three adoring sisters, friends. “He was funny. He was a practical joker,” his dad Ted Briedenthal Sr. said. “He loved his family.” “He was a really good big brother,” his youngest sister Julia added. But for years he held a dark secret: sexual abuses at the hands of a cousin. It started when Teddy was 8 years old. He was 17 when he finally came clean and shared […]

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