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Megan Dillard is a two-time Emmy-nominated journalist, born and raised in Houston, Texas. She spends her weekend nights anchoring and reports for Fox4 evenings during the week.

She began her career in Beaumont, Texas, where she anchored and reported while remotely finishing her BA at the University of Houston.

Megan is happily married, loves being a mom, and hopes to have many more little ones! She’s passionate about cooking & eating, movies & reading, fitness, and traveling. She roots for the Astros and Texans, then of course the Royals and the Chiefs.

Some of her goals include going to a live Britney Spears concert, learning Spanish, and learning to play the piano. A dream getaway would be Greece, and she’ll never turn down popcorn.

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Recent Articles
  • Historic church could get leveled for high-rise homes

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A long-standing church on a corner of the Country Club Plaza might soon go from house of worship to home sweet home. That is, if the plans submitted by Legacy Development are eventually approved. The church that sits at the corner of 47th and Pennsylvania is Seventh Church of Christ Scientist. The cornerstone was laid in 1941. Right now, there are no finalized plans, but Legacy is proposing to level the church and put in its […]

  • Legislator from the Northland pre-files bill to bring early voting to Missouri

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Missouri state senator who represents part of the Northland said waiting in long lines to vote inspired a bill she pre-filed for the upcoming legislative session. Early voting is available in Kansas. It’s not in Missouri though — unless you meet a certain set of criteria that would allow you to go in and vote absentee. Missouri is one of 12 states that doesn’t offer early voting. State Sen. Lauren Arthur has pre-filed a bill that, […]

  • Police didn’t take the missing person report — one week later, a KC man was found dead

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — They tried to put their son on the police’s radar before he went missing, but officers turned them away. A week later, he was found dead. David and Vicki Greenwood have no concrete answers about their son’s murder. “We’ve heard all kinds of rumors, but do we know? No. We have no idea,” David Greenwood said. They said 26-year-old Justin Graham was a good kid with a bit of a record. “He got in a little trouble […]

  • East High students host forum for nine candidates for Kansas City mayor

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A group of East High students hosted a mayoral forum Wednesday night for the nine men and women running for the top spot in Kansas City politics. The Multiculturalism and Social Justice students worked with teacher Katharine Perna to create questions for the candidates for Kansas City’s next mayor. The class collaborated all semester to come up with the topics and issues the teenagers found most important. Some of those included immigration, infrastructure and housing. The […]

  • 67-year-old man dies in crash near construction site at 29th and Brooklyn

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 67-year-old man has died Wednesday in a crash near 29th and Brooklyn. Police say the crash happened around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday near an active construction site. There was a flagger with a stop sign directing traffic at the intersection. The 67-year-old drove his grey Ford Windstar van through the stop sign and pulled out in front of a Chevy Tahoe that was traveling northbound. The driver of the Tahoe struck the driver’s side of the […]

  • Local experts say ‘forced affection,’ common during holidays, can negatively impact kids

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The holidays are prime time for gestures of affection that could be a problem for kids. Go hug Aunt Sue. Give Grandpa a kiss. Go sit on Santa’s lap. A lot of parents have probably said these and other similar statements to their children at some point. It usually ramps up during the holidays when we gather with relatives we might not see often. But health professionals say this “forced affection” with anyone can really have […]

  • New holiday tradition rolls into KC as Canadian Pacific train stops at Union Station

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Metro residents have the Plaza lights and the Mayor’s Christmas tree, but what about a holiday train? Families enjoyed a new tradition Monday. As part of a 19-stop tour, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train decked out in lights and colors stopped at Union Station with 1,000 feet of brightly decorated rail cars. It’s all to raise awareness, money and food for area food banks. In Kansas City, the money raised and food gathered went to Harvesters. […]

  • Police issue warnings as old ‘spoofing’ phone scam hits metro again — with new twist

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — You might tell yourself you’ll never fall victim to a phone scam, but you might be surprised at just how convincing some callers have become. KCMO and Clay and Platte counties have become the latest targets in a familiar phone scam with a new twist. Robert Gresty said his parents aren’t stupid. Doug and Sally Gresty are both educated and retired, but also caring — to a fault. “My dad never would’ve been caught off guard […]

  • With suspect named, KC mom begs for help finding her daughter’s killer

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Detectives say they know exactly who killed a young woman in Kansas City two years ago. Now, it’s a matter of finding him. Jamie Ramsey can put a face to her nightmares. “I hope they find him. I hope there’s some part of him that realizes what all he took away,” she said. “I think my biggest frustration is that he was in custody at one point. That they didn’t feel like they had enough to […]

  • Jackson County kicks off holiday season with ‘Christmas in the Sky’ fireworks and fun

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Hundreds of families spent Thanksgiving eve on the beach. Longview Lake Beach was home to “Christmas in the Sky” on Wednesday night. The annual event is a firework spectacular that marks the kickoff to “Christmas in the Park,” a light display you can drive through with your family. “Who sees fireworks in the wintertime? This is going to be great, and this is an outstanding kickoff for us,” Jackson County Executive Frank White said. Christmas in the […]

  • FOX4 Love Fund, Stroud’s and Chiefs ambassadors host Thanksgiving for homeless KC kids

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A group of metro kids have it pretty rough. They don’t have permanent homes, meaning they live in shelters or with friends. They certainly aren’t concerned about Thanksgiving traditions. “Some of these kids in this community, you don’t see the homelessness. You don’t see the disadvantages they have because they’re not in my neighborhood and they’re not where I live,” said David Lauck, a board member for the FOX4 Love Fund for Children. So on Tuesday […]

  • 2 years later, Northland couple still looking for answers on who murdered their grandson

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Just a few days before Thanksgiving, a set of Northland grandparents will struggle through the holidays. Two years later, Lee and Peggy Evans still don’t know who abducted and murdered their 22-year-old grandson. Lee and Peggy Evans raised their grandson Logan Minton. “It was great having a boy in the house after having two girls,” Peggy said. The 22-year-old was supposed to head to their riverside home to watch a Chiefs game on September 18, 2016. A […]