Megan Dillard is a two-time Emmy-nominated journalist, born and raised in Houston, Texas. She spends her weekend nights anchoring and reports for Fox4 evenings during the week.

She began her career in Beaumont, Texas, where she anchored and reported while remotely finishing her BA at the University of Houston.

Megan is happily married, loves being a mom, and hopes to have many more little ones! She’s passionate about cooking & eating, movies & reading, fitness, and traveling. She roots for the Astros and Texans, then of course the Royals and the Chiefs.

Some of her goals include going to a live Britney Spears concert, learning Spanish, and learning to play the piano. A dream getaway would be Greece, and she’ll never turn down popcorn.


Recent Articles
  • Heartbroken daughter remembers mother of 6 killed by wrong-way driver in I-70 crash

    BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. – Less than 24 hours after her mother was killed in a wrong-way, head-on crash, the victim’s daughter described their final moments together. She worked at Waffle House, but most of her regulars didn’t know her as Heather Blackman. Instead, she was known by both her work name tag and her license plate: “Hummingbird.” Eighteen-year-old Chloe Atkinson said it’s because her mother loved to hum. She and Heather were headed to Target at about 9:30 p.m. Monday. […]

  • Residents speak out at commission meeting amid talks of building new Clay County Annex

    LIBERTY, Mo. — More than a dozen people spoke out against building a new Clay County Annex at Monday’s commission meeting. The Clay County Annex near N.E. Vivion and N.E. Antioch roads in Gladstone is where residents go to handle certain life necessities. The county commission has had recent talks about selling the existing annex and building a new one for $20 million. But others argue it just needs to be renovated, not completely disregarded. On Monday morning, it was […]

  • Family looking for answers after father gunned down in the Northland on Easter Sunday

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A father of six was gunned down in his car on Easter Sunday. His wife begging for answers for their kids. Leann and Deland Brown moved to the metro from Michigan when they got married seven years ago. In fact, the day before he was killed in April, they had just celebrated their anniversary. “We just kind of became a big blended family. He was a real loving father. He stepped up where a father was […]

  • Police warn of ‘creepy man’ approaching metro women at gas stations, parking lots

    JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. – He hasn’t been charged with a crime, but Overland Park police say there is a “creepy man” approaching women in Johnson County parking lots. Overland Park police said they’ve had two similar cases in the last two weeks of a man approaching young women at gas stations and store parking lots. The first case was June 8 at the Quik Trip off 151st and 69 Highway. Police said a woman was headed back to her car […]

  • Symphony in the Flint Hills working to ‘honor ticket holders’ after canceling without refunds

    CHASE COUNTY, Kan. – Symphony in the Flint Hills had to cancel its annual summer event after a microburst tore through Chase County last Saturday. The nonprofit isn’t refunding tickets, and that’s left people with mixed reactions. The Kansas City Symphony performs every June in the Flint Hills. It’s something planned years ahead of time, in part by Board President Mike Stout and Executive Director Christy Davis. “Well in advance of the event, we have meetings with the National Weather […]

  • Kansas 15-year-old miraculously survives after 10-inch knife gets lodged in his skull

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A 15-year-old Kansas boy got a large knife to the face, and doctors say he’s extremely lucky. Jimmy Russell said her son, Eli Gregg, was playing Thursday evening outside of their home in Redfield, about 90 miles south of Kansas City, when she heard him scream. His family told FOX4 one of the Gregg brothers found the old knife, and they were walking inside to give it to their mom when Eli fell. The teen ended […]

  • Kansas City police hope witnesses will come forward in 27-year-old’s murder case

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police are hoping a tip from the public will help solve a homicide case from earlier this year. It’s been almost four months since someone shot 27-year-old Michael Glover in the middle of the night and left him to die in the street near East 69th and The Paseo. A woman driving in the area around 3 a.m. March 27 thought she had seen a man passed out. When police arrived, they realized the […]

  • Commissioner tours ‘solid’ Clay County annex amid talks of spending millions to replace it

    CLAY COUNTY, Mo. – Love it or list it? There’s no question the Clay County Annex needs some work. But do you work with what you have, or spend 100 times the repair cost to build something brand new? FOX4 took a tour Wednesday afternoon to give viewers that chance to look and decide for themselves. The Clay County Annex near N.E. Vivion Road and N.E. Antioch Road in Gladstone is where residents go to handle certain life necessities. “Over […]

  • Voters could change course of development in Kansas City at next week’s election

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Next Tuesday, Kansas City will vote in a new mayor. But they’ll also vote on something that could change the course of development in the city. Currently, tax incentives for developers are capped at 75%. Question One on the ballot proposes capping tax abatements, or write offs, at 50%. Supporters say it’s a way to cut down on the tax money that flows from projects back to developers to get them done. Developers don’t like the […]

  • Missouri’s delayed corn crops could affect your future grocery bills

    HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — Record-setting rain this year might affect your household more than you realize. The latest info from the USDA on Monday afternoon reports the Show Me State is about 20% short of its normal corn crop for this time of year. Farmer Mike Moreland said this wet spring drowned a lot of his seeds. Even though they’re trying now to make up for lost time at his Harrisonville farm, there’s no guarantee this year’s harvest will be what […]

  • Family, friends gather for birthday party for Smithville girl killed in drunk driving crash

    SMITHVILLE, Mo. – Dozens of people went to a birthday celebration Thursday night in Smithville, but the birthday girl wasn’t there. Macklyn Lucas would’ve turned 6 years old Thursday. The friends, the food, the décor — it was all there at Heritage Park. It’s the guest of honor who sadly wasn’t. Her mom, Samantha Jones, was driving one night last summer in Platte County when she crashed into an electric pole. She told investigators she’d been drinking wine that evening. […]

  • KC woman who survived stroke at 16 reminds others it can happen to anyone at any age

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City woman is sharing her survival story to warn others about something that kills children every year: pediatric strokes. Madeline Mudd is a 22-year-old college student. She’s a bright, smiling young woman whose battle scars you wouldn’t see at first glance. “I don’t know where I pick up and where I remember. I don’t remember that day. I only remember what I’ve been told by my friends and my family. I literally have no […]

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