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Megan Dillard is a Houston-born and raised, Emmy-nominated journalist whose highest life calling is being a mommy. She spent almost 4 years reporting for FOX4 and became our newest weekend evening anchor this past fall. She began her career in Beaumont, Texas, where she reported/anchored and remotely finished her BA at the University of Houston. She’s put together many award-winning stories, but the most meaningful are where someone’s life is changed for the better.
She’s passionate about her daughter, cooking and eating, reading, traveling, and family time. She roots for the Astros, the Texans and the Royals. She enjoys the gym, a good grill out with loved ones, and watching movies.
Some of her goals include going to Las Vegas to see Britney Spears live (don’t judge!), learning Spanish, and learning to play the piano. A dream getaway would be Greece, and she’ll never turn down a good bowl of spaghetti, as long as the noodles are al dente, not mushy!
She wants to learn more about history, hair and makeup, and home improvements. If you have any ideas or events, send them her way. If you have any story ideas or questions, reach out!
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Recent Articles
  • This ‘zero waste’ metro family only takes out their trash once a year — here’s how

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – One metro family takes out the trash once a year. That’s because they live “zero waste” and work hard to create as little waste as possible. After picking up trash around the neighborhood on Earth Day a few years back, Megean Weldon and her husband decided they need to look at their own habits. “We decided we have to do something about this,” she said. “We can’t call ourselves environmentalists and put a full trashcan of […]

  • Metro mom helps grieving families despite no answers in her own son’s murder

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – She’s become a symbol of strength, and she’s as much a part of most crime scenes as the tape that blocks them off. Rosilyn Temple helps families who have lost loved ones to violence because she knows firsthand what it’s like. She does it, though, while still carrying her own unanswered questions. “When he was born, about like one years old, he was walking, like just a little tiny thing,” Temple said. “So I just looked […]

  • Tonganoxie house recognized on registry on National Historic Places

    TONGANOXIE, Kan. — A purple house in the middle of a Tonganoxie field is now on the map of National Historic Places. Dr. Kent Porter and his wife Olga live in the house, which was built at the end of the 19th century. He said, “We basically have disassembled the house and put it back together over the last 20 years. The reason it takes so long, I tell everyone, is because perfection is a cruel mistress! Our goal was […]

  • Local woman breeds rare exotic cats

    JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. —  So you’ve heard of mother-in-law quarters, a garage apartment, a guest house; one Olathe woman is adding something pretty unique to her property. Melissa Morris describes Savannah cats as, “bred from an African Serval, bred back to a domestic cat, so they look like miniature cheetahs and they behave like a dog. You take them for walks on leashes, they play catch, they go swimming. They truly are a more interactive animal.” “I didn’t want to […]

  • Goat yoga makes its way to Overland Park

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — If you’re into yoga, listen up. There’s a new trend in town: goat yoga. An instructor teaches an outdoor class Tuesday nights at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead. But in addition to the mats, the poses, and the breathing? Baby goats. Education Supervisor Cathi Limbocker said, “We have a new crop of baby goats every year and so we finally decided to give it a try after reading about it and seeing what they do on the […]

  • Council approves plans for new Sikh temple in Lenexa despite residents’ complaints

    LENEXA, Kan. — A local faith community is celebrating a victory Tuesday night after the Lenexa City Council voted 4-2, approving plans for a new temple despite concerns from nearby residents. It’s currently a big empty field near Lone Elm Road and 101st street. The Midwest Sikh Association owns the land. They’d like to use a dozen acres for a proposed gudwara, or temple, and then the rest for homes like the ones already in the area. Back in April, […]

  • Experts warn parents about kids getting burned from hot water and hoses left in summer sun

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Doctors say summer is the busiest season for a hospital’s burn unit. Besides grilling out, fireworks, and sun burns, there’s another huge risk factor. Megan Garcia is the medical director at the Grossman Burn Center at Research Medical Center. She said scalds, or hot liquid burns, are the number one cause of burns in children. That includes water from the hose in the summer, and it’s why experts are saying check the temperature before your child […]

  • Mental health experts remind patients medication’s one piece of overall puzzle

    JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. — One in five Americans has a mental illness, and mental health experts encourage patients to consider medication as part of treatment — but not everyone is open to taking pills or having the patience to figure out what medication works for them. “When under the cloud of mental illness, it is scary and lonely,” Phaedra Moll said. “I hope that people would recognize that mental illness is just that. It’s an illness.” The metro woman said […]

  • 6-year-old Kansas City boy wins trip to FIFA World Cup in Russia

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A metro 6-year-old will have the best seat in the house for the 2018 FIFA World Cup — he’ll be there in Russia! Daniel is one of only five kids in the U.S. chosen by McDonald’s as a sweepstakes winner. He and his dad, Ignacio Jaimes, posted their “special handshake” in a social media sweepstakes and won a trip to Russia, complete with Daniel escorting the players onto the field for the Mexico-Germany match on Father’s Day. […]

  • Owner speaks out after Browne’s Irish Marketplace vandalized with ‘Immigrants not welcome’

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The country’s oldest Irish business is located here in Kansas City, and someone left the owners of Browne’s Irish Marketplace a nasty message Monday. Owner John McCain didn’t notice the words when he first got to work. “I had a customer come in today and said, ‘I’m sorry about your building.’ I said, ‘What are you talking about?” McCain said. Someone used black spray paint to mark the words “immigrants not welcome” on the side of […]

  • Taxpayers covering bills for new law firms hired in Clay County administrators’ criminal investigation

    CLAY COUNTY, Mo. — Clay County taxpayers are now footing the bill for two new law firms and the attorneys hired to represent two assistant county administrators involved in a new criminal investigation. FOX4 first broke our investigation into Clay County spending in February. Concerned citizens are gathering signatures to force the state auditor to look into possible misspending, including tens of thousands of dollars on outside law firms. FOX4 has learned that, just days ago, Clay County hired two […]

  • ‘Don’t be afraid to ask for help’: Kate Spade’s death prompts conversations about mental health

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Many times, people shy away from the word “suicide,” but news of designer Kate Spade’s death has prompted discussions about mental health and suicide prevention across the country. On Tuesday, the KC native and legendary designer was found dead after police say she took her own life in her New York City apartment. Her death serves as a powerful reminder that wealth, fame, popularity — those things mean nothing in terms of suicide. Members of the […]