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  • When your prized pick in FOX4 fantasy football goes down, you’ve got to work around it

    Editor’s note: This is part of a season-long look at the FOX4 fantasy football league, as told through my eyes as team owner. Read last week’s blog here.  Week 3 result: 123.85-102.95 = WIN Season standings: 3-0 As Michael Stipe famously put it, “everybody hurts sometimes.” This time, it’s me. Despite coming off a win, it’s proven to be my most costly yet. But there’s no time or reason to make excuses, not when we aren’t even a quarter of […]

  • Week 2 of FOX4 fantasy football proves just how valuable good running backs can be

    Editor’s note: This is part of a season-long look at the FOX4 fantasy football league, as told through my eyes as team owner. Read last week’s blog here.  Week 1 result: 140.65-73.80 = WIN Season standings: 2-0 Overconfidence is a cardinal sin in fantasy football, one I’m not trying to admit. But, so far, I like how my team has come together. I didn’t have quite the jaw-dropping numbers a week ago, but I got a strong enough performance from […]

  • These are the ‘Ten Commandments’ of fantasy football etiquette

    Ricky Williams was a former rushing champion, All-Pro and fantasy football stud. Ricky Williams was a third-string running back who washed out of the NFL after just two seasons and never belonged on a fantasy football roster. Both of these statements are true. Several years ago, a friend invited me to play in his fantasy football league. I knew about half of the other owners. One that I didn’t know pulled what I still consider one of the dirtiest stunts […]

  • Even after a big Week 1 win in FOX4 fantasy football, there’s still some uncertainty

    Editor’s note: This is part of a season-long look at the FOX4 fantasy football league, as told through my eyes as team owner. See last week’s blog here.  Week 1 results: 185.15-106.15 = WIN Season standings: 1-0 Much like the Chiefs did in Jacksonville, my squad showed up in a big way this week, as I not only secured a victory but also the most points across the league. Despite this, I still have things I feel I need to […]

  • Will they be worth it? The strategy behind draft picks in a new season of FOX4 fantasy football

    “Did you do it?” “Yes.” “What did it cost?” “Everything.” Much like Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War,” I too paid a great price. Mine came in fantasy football. I’m the commissioner of the FOX4 fantasy football league, which held its draft last weekend. It’s always fun to compete against my coworkers, especially since we do an auction league. For those unfamiliar, an auction league works with a set budget for players ($200 in our case.) You bid against the other […]

  • From Round 1 to the Stanley Cup, FOX4 producer recounts Blues’ incredible postseason

    I never knew whether the day would come. And honestly, that’s a lot tougher than thinking the day would never come. Saturday, I made the trek to St. Louis to see my beloved Blues march down Market Street and show off the Stanley Cup to hundreds of thousands of devotees who bleed blue. It’s the first time the Blues have brought home Lord Stanley in their 52-year history. I’ve been alive for 34 of them, and I’d seen enough heartbreaking […]

  • In $16.25 million contract extension with Merrifield, Royals get the better deal

    Editor’s note: This piece is part of a reoccurring blog on Kansas City sports from FOX4 producer Mike Wilson.  By now, you’ve heard the reports of the Royals reaching a new contract agreement with Whit Merrifield. While at first glance, it seems like a win for both sides, I’d argue one side did a bit more “winning” than the other. The deal guarantees Merrifield $16.25 million over his final pre-arbitration and three arbitration years. It also includes a team option […]

  • Four free agents the Royals should consider signing in 2019

    As many teams look to gather around the Hot Stove this winter, most believe the Royals will be left out in the cold. I’m not saying they need to be front and center of the fire, but feeling some of the heat wouldn’t necessarily be such a bad idea. After sitting dormant for most of last winter, the Royals pounced on short-term deals for players like Lucas Duda, Alcides Escobar, Jon Jay, and Mike Moustakas. Many of those same players […]

  • 4 reasons why the Royals should trade Whit Merrifield — and 4 reasons why they shouldn’t

    We’re not in the thick of hot stove season, yet. In fact, it’s just been set to preheat. But as any baseball fan knows, it doesn’t take very long before it’s blazing. Baseball fans have had their eyes on this class for a while. Even without the shine it seemed to once have, this free agent crop is arguably the best ever. Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are expected to both get deals eclipsing $300 million. Craig Kimbrel could set […]

  • Fantasy Focus: AFC West foes who are tricks and treats for your fantasy team

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As Halloween is quickly approaching, the Chiefs offense and its fantasy output has been scary good. But for much of the rest of the AFC West, the season has simply been a horror show. There’s no concerns about any of your Chiefs fantasy players keeping pace, but which division foes have guys who can be brought back to life like Frankenstein? We’re dividing these players into three categories: Trick: The guys who just haven’t played like […]

  • In anticipated high-scoring affair, how do Chiefs compare with another prolific squad?

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s the kind of game that fantasy football owners dream of.  The kind you don’t see for years at a time.  The kind where the points—real and imaginary—are flying all over the place. That’s what Sunday night’s Chiefs vs. Patriots game is shaping up to be. When Vegas announced the betting lines, it set the over/under (total number of points scored by both teams) at 59. That’s the highest total for any game this season and […]

  • Fantasy Focus: After Royals’ forgettable season, don’t forget Whit Merrifield

    In a season to forget for the Kansas City Royals, Whit Merrifield turned in an effort to remember. Fantasy baseball players better make sure amnesia doesn’t set in for them either. In an era dominated by launch angle and strikeouts, Merrifield keeps plugging away with an old-school approach of making contact (the fact he can do more than hit squibbers doesn’t hurt either). A Fangraphs article from last month showed Merrifield would’ve led the major leagues in home runs in […]

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