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  • Apps to Know: Drop, Everlance, and Forensic Detective

    These apps can help you earn effortless reward points, track your mileage and business expenses and turn you into an armchair detective! I’m always on the lookout for new, unique and useful apps. Here are a few I found! Drop lets you link your debit and credit cards so you can earn rewards for your everyday spending. If you’re curious to hear more about it before you sign up, check out my podcast interview with the founder, Derrick Fung. Everlance is a […]

  • Don’t make these 5 big airfare mistakes

    Recently, we chatted with Liana Corwin of Hopper to hear some of the findings from their recent research into common airfare booking mistakes. Here’s what they revealed. According to Hopper’s analysis, some of the costliest mistakes include: You’re an Impulse Buyer (Average Cost: $46 on domestic trips and $139 on international trips). Hopper found that two out of three ticket prices will drop at some point within 24 hours of the original search or booking, with an average savings of 14%, so […]

  • Startups tackle the “Last Mile” with electric scooters, bikes

    Easy to rent electric bikes and scooters are popping up on sidewalks in cities across America. They’re fast and easy for consumers but a proving to be a challenge to regulators. In cities across America, riders are hopping on a new breed of rentable electric scooters and dockless bikes, both can be left pretty much anywhere when you’re done riding. “The problem we’re solving is it’s too short to drive and too long to walk” explained Stephen Schnell of Bird, […]

  • One Potato review: A family-friendly subscription meal box

    Meal delivery kits are making dinner time easy! There are so many to choose from. In recent months I’ve tried boxes from Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Green Chef. Each puts their own twist on the subscription service. One Potato is setting themselves apart by being a box designed with families in mind. “I just wanted something that’s for me – a parent, who’s really busy, no time on my hands.” explained founder Catherine McCord, who also runs a food […]

  • Makerspace movement inspires kids to explore tech

    L.A. Makerspace is an organization working with kids to get them interested in technology and expose them to a STEAM education. We visited a recent event that teaches technology and problem-solving in a unique way. By the way, you’ve heard of STEM, which is Science, Technology, Education and Math – but STEAM steps it up a notch by tossing art into the mix! The neat thing about L.A. Makerspace is that their curriculum is open sourced. Anyone is free to […]

  • Four unique ways to charge your gadgets

    If you’re away from an outlet or on the road, a portable backup battery is essential for your phone. These backup battery solutions step it up a notch with some unique features! Tylt Block Party, $130 The Tylt Block Party is a portable battery and Bluetooth speaker in one! You get a giant 20,000 mAh capacity which means you can recharge a typical iPhone about 10 times. The device is two parts – the battery bank on the bottom and […]

  • Check these phone settings to make sure apps aren’t spying on you

    Phone apps ask for permission to see a lot of data on our phone including GPS, photos and microphone. Here’s how to check and limit their access – even after you’ve already installed them. By now, we are all better aware of the information tech giants like Facebook and Google are collecting on us – but what about that random game app on your phone? Apps can ask for permissions on a variety of sensors and data from your phone. […]

  • New technology allows humans to ‘shrink down’

    In the movie “Downsizing” humans shrink to just five inches tall. Tech reporter Rich Demuro went through a similar process thanks to 3-D printing. Watch the video above to see how it works.

  • Connect with your neighbors using these apps

    Between high-speed internet and WiFi cameras, our homes are better connected than ever – but what about our neighborhoods? Here are some apps to connect you to the people who live closest to you. Think about your home. Do you know the neighbor to your left? How about to the right? Go down a few doors, do you know them? Facebook is great for connecting us with our friends, but when it comes to strangers, a new breed of apps are […]

  • Walmart now using robots to roam aisles to look for out of stock items

    We check out the robots now roaming the aisles at Walmart in search of out of stock items. That robot you see roaming the aisles at Walmart isn’t cleaning the floors – it’s actually scanning the shelves for out of stock items and more. Watch the video above to see how it works. Follow KTLA 5 Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on social media for useful tech news, apps & gadgets:  Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:  

  • Here’s one easy way to put down your smartphone

    Want to stop obsessively looking at your phone? Here’s one simple solution to try. Talk to teenagers and you realize: they love their phones. We talked to a bunch of them on the National Day of Unplugging at Milken Community Schools. Many of them told us they are doing things like Snapchat, Instagram, texting, social media and talking to their friends. But, it turns out, adults are pretty much the same way. “If you look around, you’ll see people just completely […]

  • Hands on with Nintendo Labo: Fun with cardboard

    Parents know the scenario: you buy your kids a new today and they end up having more fun with the cardboard box it arrived in! Nintendo seems to be aware of this situation with its latest creation: Nintendo Labo. It’s a toy kit that lets you create items out of cardboard and then bring them to life using the Nintendo Switch. If it sounds like a head-scratcher, that’s because it sort of it. That’s probably the reason why Nintendo brought me […]

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