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  • Local artist uses unique vision to make art, hopes will raise millions for charity

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Vivid colors and deep textures can be seen on paintings hung on nearly every wall of artist Jeff Hanson’s gallery and family home. Hanson’s signature styles take a lot of time and effort to create. “A lot of them are floral landscapes but he also, his favorite I think he would tell you is a very colorful abstract,” Jeff’s dad, Hal Hanson said. “He probably works on each painting for a couple of months. They’re all acrylic, […]

  • Wyandotte County election officials warn residents about mail from questionable group

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A recent mailer has become the source of a lot of confusion among voters in Wyandotte County. “We got a number of complaints, but it started with a lady that walked in with her niece,” Wyandotte County Election Commissioner Bruce Newby said. The woman knew something wasn’t right about the letter she received from a group called the Voter Participation Center. “It got her name wrong, and in addition, it would have her sending her advanced […]

  • New city vehicle changes Roeland Park curbside leaf pickup program

    ROELAND PARK, Kan. — The city of Roeland Park has announced changes to its decades-old city leaf collection program. The city will soon debut a brand new leaf vacuum that changes the way curbside leaf pickup is done. In the past, residents had been instructed to sweep leaves into the street, and a city vehicle would come by and sweep them up. Starting this November, residents will rake leaves to their curb, and a brand new machine will come by […]

  • Here’s why the third week of September is known as ‘Asthma Peak Week’

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The third week of September is notoriously known as “Peak Week” for asthma and allergy sufferers. Doctors say seasonal factors could be to blame for these fall flare-ups. “[It could be caused by] a number of factors. Ragweed has been really high,” Dr. Jay Portnoy of Children’s Mercy Hospital said. “That’s a pollen that is in the air, so many people with ragweed allergies have been sick for a number of weeks now. Another thing is […]

  • Troostapalooza aims to promote unity and community in Kansas City

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Unique artwork and crafts lined the streets of Troost in Kansas City Saturday afternoon. “We’ve been just walking around everywhere. My favorite place so far was the painting and the drawings,” 14-year-old Ceona Tinnley said. Several thousand people came out to enjoy a first-of-it’s kind fall festival in this area. “I see people of all ages, races sexes having fun, walking, drinking eating and just having a good time,” Co-Founder of Troost Market Collective, Katie Mabry […]

  • Family wants answers after father of four stabbed to death in KCK

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — After a father of four was stabbed to death in KCK, his fiancee and family are desperately hoping those responsible will be brought to justice.  Tracy Lewis said her fiancee Robert Tichenor was her closest friend. “He was very loving, caring, supporting. He was my backbone, my best friend,” Lewis said. She said Tichenor was a good person — and an even better father. “He was a great dad, outgoing, fun, loved to fish, loved to […]

  • Man caught on camera stealing donation jar from smoke shop in Westport

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Dozens of customers come into KC Smoke & Vape in Westport every day. Although most browse the store, buy products then leave, others come in looking for a five-finger discount. “We have shoplifting on an ongoing basis. That’s why we have so many cameras. We end up having to prosecute someone once a month for shoplifting,” Operations Manager Jason Ballou said. But earlier this month, the business experienced a different kind of theft. “We had someone […]

  • Take a look inside the new Hy-Vee Arena as renovations near completion

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A $39 million renovation project is nearly complete at Hy-Vee Arena. Crews have been working for months to transform the old Kemper Arena in the West Bottoms into a totally new premier venue for youth sports in the metro. The project is not yet complete, but on Wednesday FOX4 got a look at some of the features sports fans and the general public will soon be able to enjoy. Check out the video above to see […]

  • Fundraising underway for new all-inclusive playground and park in Raymore

    RAYMORE, Mo. — Hawk Ridge Park in Raymore is undergoing a major transformation.  “That’s going to be a new picnic shelter with ADA compliant restrooms, and right behind she shelter we’re building a new all-inclusive playground,” said Nathan Musteen, director of Parks & Recreation for Raymore. But the playground equipment won’t look like what you see at most parks. “It’s features such as providing transfer stations for children in wheelchairs where they can come up and a parent can transfer […]

  • Pain patients in Kansas City join nationwide ‘Don’t Punish Pain’ demonstrations

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Government data shows more than 100 people per day die from opioid-related drug overdoses. In response to the growing opioid crisis, some doctors are cutting back on prescribing pain medications. But a group of KCMO residents say this effort to curb addiction is actually hurting them.  Sleeping, getting out of bed and walking for even just a few minutes has become very hard for Autumn Gabriel.  “I’m no longer able to do as much as I was able […]

  • Tech experts caution parents about new video app for smartphones

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – There are millions of ways to stay connected but a social media app that’s growing in popularity is taking that idea of connectivity to new heights. Live.Me is an app that allows kids to video themselves and post it online, according to Technology Expert Burton Kelso. Users can broadcast what they’re doing at any given time, and the app broadcasts their location. “The danger is, not only can anyone log on to your account, but […]

  • Local groups react to charge filed against 19-year-old allegedly seen in cat-kicking video

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The man accused of being behind an egregious act caught on camera now faces an animal abuse charge, but some wonder why it’s only a misdemeanor. Jackson County prosecutors charged 19-year-old Jonathan Taylor with misdemeanor animal abuse after a video of a cat being kicked like a football went viral. It happened on May 22, video of the act surfaced and quickly went viral, and Kansas City Animal Control launched an investigation working with police to […]

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