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  • Supporting farmers markets after months of flooding

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After months of flooding in the Midwest, farmers have a tough year ahead of them to grow, harvest, and sell crops. Flooding levels haven’t been seen this high in Missouri and Kansas since the 1990s. The problems with flooding this year come at the same time the United States Department of Agriculture announced it will move its core operations from Washington D.C. to Kansas City. Employees turned their backs June 13, 2019 in a silent protest […]

  • The first African-American Catholic priest in history takes a step toward sainthood

    QUINCY, Ill. — The first black Roman Catholic priest in the United States could soon be canonized as a saint. Augustus Tolton had a short and challenging life. He was born April 1, 1854 in Brush Creek, Missouri into a slave family. Brush Creek is an unincorporated community in southern Laclede County in southwestern Missouri. The area is four miles southwest of Lebanon and about one mile north of Caffeyville. I-44 passes about one mile to the southeast. The Vatican […]

  • Finding the perfect bed and breakfasts in and near Kansas City

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With summer right around the corner and students almost finished with the school year, more people will be heading outside and looking for the perfect place for a weekend trip. Kansas City and the surrounding areas offer a wide variety of bed and breakfasts for families, couples, groups, or for solo travelers. With more technology centered around booking rooms, it’s easier now than ever to find the perfect vacation spot. An Introduction to Bed & Breakfasts […]

  • Spring festivals in the Kansas City area for 2019

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Spring is here and blossoms will soon be on the trees. Sunrise will have that reddish-purple glow as you come into work in the morning. Spring started on March 20th and will continue till June 21st. You may be wondering what are some cool activities in the Kansas City area you can attend, so here’s a list of this year’s spring festivals and activities. Spring activities listed here include: Easter egg hunts, craft brewery tastings, flower […]

  • 100 Concerts in 100 days in Kansas City

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There are hundreds of bands and musicians coming to Kansas City in the next 100 days. This post includes a list of 100 artists coming to our area up till July 9, 2019. It includes bands that are household names, bands you most likely won’t know, symphony performances, and Broadway musicals. Live music is a big part of Kansas City. If you’re up for a new adventure, try seeing a band you don’t know at a […]

  • A timeline of Irish history in Kansas City to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Back in the mid-1800s, Kansas City was a sizable town. Irish immigrants who moved to the area sacrificed their time and strength to help develop the growing hub into a major city in the Midwest. They helped pave the streets, they cut into limestone, and they handled a terrain strikingly different from what we see today. A large portion of Irish immigrants moved to the United States during the Great Potato Famine in Ireland between 1845 […]

  • 10 Art pieces or galleries to go see in Kansas City this spring

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Spring is right around the corner and that means we’re almost out of hibernation season. For many, winter keeps them homebound, doing minimal activity besides work and school, and catching up on the Netflix queue. Now that the weather is finally warming up, you might be considering what to do outside or what places to visit. Spring is an excellent time to explore and view art in Kansas City. Art helps you expand your horizons and […]

  • Man gets life for killing Missouri woman Dee Dee Blanchard, who made daughter Gypsy fake illness

    SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A Wisconsin man has been sentenced to life in prison in the stabbing death of a Missouri woman who forced her daughter to use a wheelchair and undergo unnecessary medical tests so she could collect gifts and charitable donations. The Springfield News-Leader reports that the 29-year-old Nicholas Godejohn, of Big Bend, Wisconsin, won’t be eligible for parole under the sentence ordered Friday. The sentence was the only one possible after he was convicted in November of first-degree murder in the June […]

  • Jazz song called “Kansas City Stomp” goes into public domain this year

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A jazz standard called “Kansas City Stomp” enters the public domain this year. Jazz legend Jelly Roll Morton recorded the song in Richmond, Virginia on July 18th, 1923 along with the tunes “Wolverine Blues” and “Grandpa’s Spells.” Morton started his career in New Orleans. He was an American ragtime and early jazz pianist, bandleader, and composer. Kansas City Stomp wasn’t originally about the city of fountains. After playing at a saloon called the “Kansas City Bar” […]

  • Céline Dion launches gender-neutral clothing line for children

    TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Five-time Grammy winning singer Céline Dion wants children to have comfortable clothes that fit in neutral colors with simple prints. She said she aims to change the dialogue on clothes with her new collection CELINUNUNU. The fashion-line name kind of looks like a jumble of letters — the name comes from Céline + the fashion company Nununu. The new clothes feature 70 stereotype-free styles for kids aged 0 to 14. Nununu specializes in unisex designs and is based […]

  • Cancer causing chemical found at Fantastic Caverns

    SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A popular tourist attraction in southwestern Missouri has been found with the chemical trichloroethylene (TCE). The cancer-causing chemical leaked from a closed industrial site near the Springfield airport. Litton Systems used the chemical to remove grease from metal parts when it manufactured circuit boards in the 1960s. The chemical reached some water wells near the airport. Russ Campbell, owner of Fantastic Caverns, says he’s concerned for the future of the cave and for people living in the area. […]

  • Thanksgiving travel likely extra congested and possible bad weather

    WASHINGTON D.C. — UPDATE: Before driving out to your Thanksgiving destination, make sure to pay special attention to the weather. Even with decent weather, the sheer volume of vehicles on the road could double, triple, or quadruple travel times. The American Automobile Association is now projecting 54.3 million vehicles will travel 50 miles or more for Thanksgiving. Snow is possible in the Northeast, leading to slick travel the days leading up to Thanksgiving. If you’re driving on the following interstates, […]

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