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  • If you’ve bought Infants’ Tylenol, you could be eligible for part of a $6.3 million settlement

    If you bought Infants’ Tylenol over the past five years you may be eligible to claim part of a $6.3 million settlement. The plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit claim that the packaging is misleading, deceiving customers into believing Infants’ Tylenol is specially formulated for babies when it actually contains liquid acetaminophen of the same concentration as Children’s Tylenol. As a result, the lawsuit claims parents overpaid for the medication. You’re eligible for the settlement if you bought the product […]

  • Woman sues TripAdvisor after falling off runaway camel, breaking arm during tour

    A woman was tossed to the ground by a runaway camel during a tour in Morocco and is now suing TripAdvisor over the fall, the Boston Globe reports. Breanna Ayala, 24, is accusing TripAdvisor, a Massachusetts based company, and Viator, a subsidiary, of breach of contract and negligence. In a  lawsuit filed in Norfolk Superior Court on Monday, she says TripAdvisor did not ensure the camel tour was running safely. Ayala booked a sunset camel tour with her family in […]

  • Get ready for a nightmarish ‘longer’ version of Monopoly

    NEW YORK CITY – The board game of your nightmares is here, taking aim at your entire weekend. A longer version of Monopoly is now available for purchase only on Amazon. The Monopoly Longest Game Ever costs $19.99 and takes up endless, irredeemable hours of players’ lives. “Think the original Monopoly game takes forever to play? It’s got nothing over this edition,” reads the less-than-convincing game description. The game doesn’t end until someone owns every single property — and in […]

  • Beautician keeps working as she celebrates 101st birthday

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Callie Terrell was the oldest working beautician in Tennessee on her 100th birthday last year. Now her 101st birthday is here, and she’s wiser, sassier and still a busy bee. Between an interview, birthday phone calls and whipping up a pineapple pound cake for Thanksgiving, Tuesday was a busy day for the great-grandmother. “Well, I can’t describe it,” she told WREG. “I’m thankful I’m physically able to do some of the things I used to do.” Those […]

  • ‘Secret Sister’ holiday gift exchange scam is back

    Now that the holidays are here, so are social media posts about a gift exchange that promises you’ll get between 6 and 36 gifts if you participate. Don’t fall for it — it’s a scam! The same scam surfaced in previous years, too. The so-called “secret sister” gift exchange has circulated widely on Facebook, Reddit and various forums, according to Snopes.  The posts often promise participants 36 gifts in exchange for one present valued at $10. Snopes pointed out that, despite […]

  • Rare buck with three antlers photographed in Michigan

    MICHIGAN — A photographer in Michigan captured images of a very unique deer: it has three antlers. Steve Lindberg is a former state representative from the Upper Peninsula. He’s also an amateur photographer who tries to post one nature-related photo a day to social media, The Detroit Free Press reports. He wrote on Facebook: “Five days before rifle season for Whitetail Deer and look who I get to see, along with his girlfriend. A three antlered, nine or twelve point buck […]

  • Oklahoma lawmakers want to rename part of Route 66 after President Trump

    OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.  – Two lawmakers in Oklahoma have filed a bill to rename a portion of Route 66 “President Donald J. Trump Highway.” The bill was filed Tuesday by Senators Nathan Dahm and Marty Quinn. The senators wrote in the bill that they would pay for any costs associated with the renaming. SB 1089 could be heard as early as February 2020. The lawmakers propose the change would happen November 1, 2020.

  • Woman loses her mother’s wedding ring while passing out Halloween candy

    Voiles said her hope is that a parent who took their kid to the house with the pirate ship happens to see this story.

  • Veteran in hospice gets to see his beloved dog one last time

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A veteran living out his finals days was able to see his beloved dog one last time. Albuquerque Animal Welfare shared the emotional story along with photos on their Facebook page. John Vincent was admitted to the Hospice Center at the Raymond G. Murphy Veterans Affairs Medical Center last week. Since he has no family in the area, he had to surrender his dog Patch to the shelter. “John Vincent may not have much time left,” said […]

  • Iowa family’s basement floods with 5 inches of blood

    The blood would have continued rising if it weren't for his sump pump.

  • New Orleans hotel under construction collapses

    NEW ORLEANS – A massive collapse at the Hard Rock Hotel construction site in downtown New Orleans dumped debris across the road and prompted evacuations at nearby buildings. Buildings surrounding the collapse were evacuated, and shocked people spilled onto the road as NOPD officers worked to secure the scene. During a Saturday morning news briefing, emergency workers told FOX4 sister station WGNO that one person was killed – with 18 hurt, and three more unaccounted for. LATEST on Hard Rock […]

  • ‘Darrel the Barrel’ floats across Lake Michigan, becomes social media star

    In the digital age, anything's possible right? Enter new social media influencer - this construction barrel. Apparently, his sisters, Carol, Meryl, and Cheryl, were worried sick.

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