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Troy Diggs is a morning news producer for Fox 4, and a writer for

Troy wanted to work in television at the age of 4, when he would sit at a drawing table with a clip-on tie and jacket and pretend to be a television anchor. Eventually, he went to Arkansas State University, and became an overnight producer at his hometown television station, KAIT.

In 2001, Troy moved to Wichita, Kan. – despite never having been there before the job interview. He spent three years as a producer for “Good Morning Kansas” at KAKE-TV, was nominated twice for Emmy awards, and never got used to calling it the “Ar-Kansas River”.

Three years later, Troy was hired as a weekend morning producer for another television station in Kansas City. He spent 7 years working there, and won an Emmy along the way. Troy moved to Fox 4 in March of 2011, currently produces “Fox 4 News at 6:00am”, and still marvels at what a strange trip it’s been.

In his spare time, Troy volunteers at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, so don’t be surprised if you see him in a stylish blue vest, escorting patrons to their seats. He also produces and co-hosts “PriceCast”, a fan podcast on “The Price Is Right”. (It’s available on the iTunes store.) During the MLS season, Troy can be found in the Cauldron at Sporting Park, cheering on Sporting Kansas City, and yelling obscenities onto the field.

Troy lives in downtown Kansas City, within walking distance of one of the city’s best restaurants — and spends a lot of time resisting the urge to walk there on a daily basis.

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