Zac Summers joined the FOX4 Kansas City news team in December 2017. He’s no stranger to the Midwest. He was born and raised in the eastern suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri and comes from a large family; he’s one of eleven children.

Zac most recently worked in Central Texas, where he was anchor for the weekday evening newscasts.

He started his journalism career in Eastern Washington, where he was a morning reporter/weekend anchor.

When he’s not working, Zac enjoys being outdoors—preferably on the water—watching football, cooking; he also dabbles in karaoke.

Zac is excited to call the City of Fountains home and encourages you to reach out anytime, even if it’s just to say ‘Hi!’ You can connect with him on Facebook and/or following him on Twitter. You can also reach him at


Recent Articles
  • Lafayette County family fed up after flood waters completely surround home

    WELLINGTON, Mo. — A Lafayette County family is fed up after flood waters completely surrounded their home, and it’s not the first time it’s happened. Donald Mansell and his wife’s home, near Highway 224 and Waterloo, in Wellington is essentially an island after the Missouri River crept into their yard before cresting. “It’s ridiculous,” Mansell said. “Yesterday morning, it was in the creeks. It wasn’t up here. [Now] everything is underwater. The family grow their own vegetables in the backyard […]

  • KCK’s Jones BBQ and their secret sauce find new level of love, fame after ‘Queer Eye’

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. – There’s a pair of KCK sisters who are known for their barbecue, but they’ve recently come across some newfound fame after being featured in the Netflix show “Queer Eye.” Mary “Shorty” and Deborah “Little” Jones have been cooking up barbecue for nearly 40 years. “All the credit goes to my dad and my brother,” Mary said. “All we did was took what they taught us and kept it going.” Mary said the week she and Deborah […]

  • After makeshift levee fails, crews rescue 7 residents and completely evacuate Craig

    CRAIG, Mo. — A last-ditch effort to save the small town of Craig from flooding failed, forcing those left behind to finally evacuate. On Monday, the Missouri River’s flood water was still on the west side of town, and people living in Craig thought they’d be OK. On Tuesday, the water continued to rise, but people remained hopeful. About 60 residents in the town of less than 300 stuck around. Residents continued to build a temporary levee up until 9 […]

  • ‘It’s heartbreaking’: Some residents in Craig evacuate as levees break, flood waters rise

    CRAIG, Mo. — Residents in Craig hope the levees they’ve made using dirt and sandbags will protect their homes and businesses. On Tuesday afternoon, another levee broke two miles west of town. The city ordered a “mandatory evacuation” — though they aren’t forcing residents to leave. So while some are staying in those homes, hoping the flood water doesn’t reach them, others are heeding the advice and leaving their homes. “We put things up, and today we moved out,” Charmaine […]

  • ‘I give up’: Farmers hit hard as Missouri River continues to rise in northwest Missouri

    CRAIG, Mo. — Rushing flood water has forced farmers off their land as they wait for the Missouri River to crest in Northwest Missouri. The river has over-topped several levees along the river, including in Holt County where there’s 6-7 feet of water in some homes. In Craig, just 45 minutes north of St. Joseph, the population is no more than 300 people. But the community has rallied together to build a makeshift levee to protect homes within city limits. […]

  • Community activist warn of crumbling conditions at Satchel Paige Stadium

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – There is growing concern about safety at Satchel Paige Stadium in southeast Kansas City. A large portion of a retaining wall and sidewalk that borders the stadium, near 51st and Swope Parkway, appears to have collapsed. It’s unclear when it happened but a spokesperson for KC Parks said they recently became aware of the problem and plan to fix it. Pat Clarke is a community activist grew up playing at the stadium, which is named after […]

  • KC senior center raffling off signed Mahomes jersey to help cover budget shortfall

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – One KC senior center is out tens of thousands of dollars because of the number of snow days they were forced to take. The Don Bosco Center serves hot meals and transportation to more than 500 senior citizens, 300 of whom are homebound. “A lot of them are low-income, not all but a lot of them are and the home-bound people, most of them don’t have the means or a way to get out on their […]

  • Framed photo of the Lord’s Prayer stopped bullet from flying through KCK woman’s home

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A bullet flew into a local woman’s home but was stopped by what she can only describe as an act of God. Constance Effie was sitting in her living room inside her home near South 35th and Lust Drive in KCK when she heard what she thought was a bomb. “All of a sudden ‘boom.’ I thought I was in a war zone because that was the loudest noise I ever heard,” Effie said. The noise […]

  • Warrensburg teen who received thousands of letters while battling cancer has died

    WARRENSBURG, Mo. — A Warrensburg teen who captured the hearts of thousands of people died over the weekend. Matthew Harreld, 17, passed away Friday following a two-year battle with stage 3 brain cancer. “I just laid next to him and I told him, ‘I am so proud of you,’” his mother, Amy Harreld recalled of her son’s last moments. “I said, ‘You’ve done such a good job and you’ve been so brave but it’s time for you to rest. It’s […]

  • KC Streetcar Authority adding two more streetcars to its fleet to handle growing demand

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Kansas City Streetcar Authority is adding two more streetcars to its fleet. Every day, thousands of people hop on one of the four existing streetcars that run the 2-mile route from Union Station to the River Market. “When we first started the Kansas City Streetcar route in 2016, we thought the average daily ridership would be around 2,700,” said Donna Mandelbaum, the communications director for KC Streetcar Authority. “We actually see an average daily ridership […]

  • One of the country’s largest small aircraft salvage yards calls Bates City home

    BATES CITY, Mo. — One of the largest small aircraft salvage yards in the country sits in the small Lafayette County town of Bates City. Terry White founded White Industries Aircraft in 1956 after falling in love with an airplane he bought that need to be repaired. “I’ve been at it a long time,” the 81-year-old said. “I loved flying, got my pilot’s license the same time I got my driver’s license. I was 16 at the time.” White originally […]

  • Community rallies to save KC’s only Scandinavian restaurant, struggling in winter weather

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The owners of Kansas City’s only Scandinavian restaurant are grateful to the community for helping save their business. Josh Rogers and Katee McLean have owned Krokstrom Klubb & Market in Midtown for nearly three years. Three weeks ago, they were on the verge of shutting down as sales continued to decline due to the lousy weather. “It hit sales really hard and I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to get out in the weather,” Josh […]

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