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(Our Auto Expert) — It’s not all doom and gloom right now. I get it gas prices are high right now, but you know what? Americans are coming out of the pandemic and now even with the high gas prices, still want to get out, and have some fun. In West Virginia at Harpers Ferry tail away, I got to learn about some of the newest things, from a technological standpoint, impacting the RV industry.

Right now, Winnebago has entered the electrification market with a brand-new RV; however, they are calling it the e-RV which is a prototype concept. It’s the first-ever all-electric RV to come to the Market.

They’re saying it’s going to get about 125 miles on a single charge. And of course, your question is going to be, how do I charge it once I get to my campsite? Well, they’re working in partnership with another company to build electric stations at RV camps across the country. KOA has more than 500 facilities, 35 of them now have various forms of electric charging for those that are going to be getting into the industry of EV’s as it revolves around RVs. 

When I think of Airstream, I think we all think about I Love Lucy and Desi Arnaz. He loved the Airstreams. Airstream just came out with what they are calling the “E-stream” This is going to be the first fully electrified travel trailer. It actually propels itself from the tire so it will match the speed of the truck so that you don’t lose any MPG.

Keystone is an amazing company, and I was able to sample what the new Keystone Cougar has to offer. I actually owned a 2004 Keystone Cougar many years ago, but this one’s brand new. It’s going to be coming to the market soon.

It was actually designed and built during the pandemic. What they did is they learned that people wanted to get out of their houses to quarantine and they were able to do it by coming out with this new trailer.

What makes it different? Well, everything on the inside is modular. It means that you can move things around. So it’s called a 29-BHL, which stands for Bunkhouse Lounge. Everything on the inside is interchangeable.

But the most important part will have solar power, to power the batteries meaning, you can actually live off-grid. So much is going on with the world right now, it’s nice to be able to get out with our families again and enjoy nature.

The marriage of EV and RV should be long-lasting.