77 South: Where Disco Meets Dinner

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I wasn’t alive during that 1970’s. But I love the music, fashion and fun that seemed to rule that decade. So, as you can imagine, I was quite excited when I discovered there was a 70’s-themed restaurant right in my backyard. Actually, Leawood isn’t actually my backyard, but it’s close enough.

I went to 77 South, near 135th and Nall, this past weekend for a birthday celebration. And I think the atmosphere definitely helped up us get in a celebratory mood.  But, walking in the door, I wouldn’t have guessed this was a 70’s-themed restaurant if I hadn’t already known. The only thing that really gave it away was the disco ball near the bar and the retro-looking light fixtures. I was hoping for something more dramatic.

77 South has an impressive selection of appetizers. From stuffed mushrooms, to scallops, to the tapennada trio, there was something for everyone. We went in a different direction, though, ordering chicken wings and the shrimp & crab fondue. The fondue was definitely disappointing. It wasn’t fondue at all. It was dip with pita wedges. Don’t get me wrong, the dip was good. But, when the menu says fondue, I expect fondue! The wings were alright but ultimately unmemorable.

I was hoping for a more successful entrée. And, that is what I got! The dinner menu is very expansive. The menu is so varied, that it seemed odd to some of my companions.  The pot roast was a popular choice at my table. And, the pear and prosciutto salad earned raves. But I’m a pasta man. So, I ordered the Chicken Penne Rosa. This meal consists of a generous portion of penne pasta with creamy Alfredo and marinara sauces. It’s topped with sautéed chicken and a five Italian cheese blend and then baked. Wow, this pasta is decadent! The flavors popped in my mouth. The chicken was cooked to perfection. It gave the pasta quite a pop. And, that cheese just melted in my mouth! I definitely could have stopped halfway through the dish. But, it was just too good! I cleaned my plate.

I’m happy to report the drink menu is quite good, too. There is a wide variety of cocktails and martinis to choose from. The drink I recommend you try is the Lava Lamp. It’s the only time I’ve ever seen a warning a drink menu. The restaurant will only let you have two of these drinks! It’s that strong. It’s served in a full-size glass. It has vodka, rum, triple sec, Midori, blue curacao, Sprite, red bull and jello in it. It truly did look like a lava lamp. The pieces of jello definitely added an extra zing to the drink!  As much as I wanted another one, I stopped after one Lava Lamp

The service at 77 South was hit or miss. At times, our waitress was very attentive. But, at other times, she was nowhere to be found. As far as prices go, they were a little high but reasonable. Most entrees cost anywhere from $15 to $25. All things considered, I definitely would go back to 77 South. The next time I go, though, I plan to hit the dance floor. On my visit there, the noise and energy seemed to move from the main dining room to the bar as the night progressed. A DJ was spinning classic disco tunes that got people out of their seats and onto the dance floor! Next time, that is where I will be.

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