Blog: Watch What You Say!

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Met my buddies Huey, the Democrat, and Lewis, the Republican, for breakfast today and they ended up having a lively conversation about the political game of twisting words for one’s personal gain.  It got so heated, the waitress quickly dumped out their coffees and refilled their cups with decaf.  Didn’t help much.  Whenever these two guys talk politics, I press 911 in my cellphone, knowing one of these days I might actually need the police to break them up.  I also pressed record on my tape recorder so you can hear/read just how stark their differences are.

Huey: “Todd Akin just doesn’t get it!  Can you believe he said Senator Claire McCaskill wasn’t ‘ladylike’ during their debate earlier this week?  Seriously?  Where did you get this guy – 1952?”

Lewis: “I don’t see what all the fuss is about.  Who cares if he said she wasn’t ladylike?”

Huey:  “Uh, like, every woman on the planet?”

Lewis: “Come on, women are offended by the term ‘ladylike’?  Women are only offended by the term when they say they *weren’t* acting ladylike, not when they say they were.  I mean, it’s a compliment!  Women have more class then men and they are expected to act more civilized than us.  He was just saying that McCaskill wasn’t being classy during their debate.”

Huey: “No, the term ladylike is his way of putting down women, saying they should be submissive to men, barefoot and pregnant and serving their every need.  I looked it up in Google – did you know that term was coined in the 1580’s?  That’s when men ruled the world and made all the decisions and women stayed home and raised the children and made the meals and did whatever it took to please the man.  Come on!  We’re in the 21st century!  Women can do anything men can do, and many times they do it better.”

Lewis: “Akin was not saying women should be submissive and relinquish all their rights and serve men!  He was simply saying that McCaskill came across as ruder and harsher then she did when she debated Jim Talent six years ago.”

Huey: “Then he should have said that!  Don’t say she wasn’t ladylike.  Just say she was rude!  He just said it to make her look bad.  Women have a hard enough time winning over male voters, they don’t need a guy like Akin twisting words to insult her entire being.”

Lewis: “Yeah, because she never insults him.  Please.  Did you see that political ad by McCaskill, saying how Akin said some types of rape are legitimate?”

Huey: “But he did say that!”

Lewis: “Come on!  He didn’t say some rapes are legitimate.  He said he didn’t believe women could get pregnant if it was a legitimate rape.  There’s a big difference.  I’m not justifying what he said.  I’m just saying she’s twisting his words to make him look bad.”

Huey: “He did that to himself.  And she has every right to use those words against him.  She’s just reminding voters of where he stands on abortion.  I mean, come on, he doesn’t think women who are raped should be allowed to terminate their pregnancy?”

Lewis: “Really?  You want to talk abortion now?  We could be here all day with that one!  He’s trying to appeal to his voter base, and some people feel that way.  Let’s get back on task.  I just think McCaskill was upset he insulted her and now she is throwing his words back in his face.”

Huey: “Isn’t that what happens every political season?  It’s fair game.  You do what you have to do to get elected.  We’ll see in November if their plan to twist each others words works.”



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