Blog: The Easter Bunny Never Came to Our House

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — I was flipping through pictures today of kids unwillingly posing with the Easter Bunny, and as usual, it sparked memories of when my daughters were young and loved decorating the eggs; loved the Easter egg hunt and always insisted we do a dozen more hunts before we could go inside. If I were organized and prepared (I seldom felt so) or if my own momma went shopping for me, I would dress them up in sweet, matching dresses and we’d begin a very happy day by going to the Easter Sunday church service.

I remember the first year we walked in to church and the man at the door greeted us with a friendly and enthusiastic question directed at my daughters. “Good Morning! Did the Easter Bunny come to your house?”

They looked up at him with their chubby, little faces, looked over knowingly at me and smiled slightly, but not at all sadly.

Truth is…. I could never pull off the Easter Bunny charade. I was really good at being Santa Claus (for longer than necessary, I might add) but for whatever, new-mother reason I had, I just decided not to tell them it was a big bunny that hopped all through the night to hide eggs and deliver candy and gifts to all the children.

I filled the baskets. I hid the eggs. I just never gave credit to the Easter Bunny. The girls knew it came from me. I told them some families pretended there was an Easter Bunny, and they were not to ruin it for other children. They’re gentle souls and they never did as far as I know.  My decision wasn’t meant to be superior. I think it was based more on being tired because I was working odd hours and mothering on very little sleep.

Now that they’re teenagers they enjoy harassing me a little about depriving them of Peter Cottontail, but it’s all in good spirit.  After all, they know I took care (cleaned the cage) of a real bunny they talked me into, as well as three hamsters and a guinea pig.  And even though they’re almost 17 and 14 years old, I’m still planning to hide eggs for them this year.

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