Amid pandemic, three new breweries opened across Kansas City metro in 2020


Transparent Brewing Co. (Photo by Adam Vogler/Kansas City Business Journal)

Opening a brewery in the midst of a global pandemic wasn’t part of their business plan, but nevertheless, the Kansas City-area craft beer scene added three new breweries in 2020.

Transparent Brewing Co. became the first craft brewery in Grandview in August, Pathlight Brewing Co. opened in Shawnee in June, and Lost Evening Brewing Co. opened in Lenexa in July.

Transparent Brewing Co.

Transparent Brewing Co. is owned by Nolan Brown, who partnered with his mom, who opened Chive Cafe right next door. It’s at 14501 White Ave. in Grandview, right across from Gail’s Powersports. The brewery’s name comes from a desire to bring transparency with customers to a new level. The brewery took the concept to the point where it’s sharing home brewing versions of its beer recipes online.

“So you can buy ingredients here to take home and brew it yourself,” Brown said. “The thought is it will spark conversations at the bar. If something goes wrong with their brew, they can come in and talk about it, and we’ll help them figure out what went wrong and how they can make it work. We’re trying to create conversations across the bar so whenever someone comes in they learn something new either about our business, the beer industry or our beer.”

Brown was a biology major and biochemistry minor in college, on his way to becoming a doctor. But after taking the Medical College Admission Test, he decided to follow his passion for brewing instead, with the goal of eventually opening a brewery.



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