RIVERSIDE, Mo. — Thousands of antiques and collectibles from a Riverside business’ former location will soon be up for grabs.

Riverside’s Red X, which opened 75 years ago, is known for its hundreds upon hundreds of antiques throughout the quirky grocery store.

Former owner Ed Young was an ardent collector, first starting with bells but quickly expanding to other unique and rare items. They filled the former Red X location.

But in February, the business moved to a new location about 200 yards away.

Current owner Zeke Young, Ed’s son, previously told FOX4 they took great pains to retain the identity from the former shop.

An old Riverside firetruck greets customers when they enter the main doors, the aisles are named after Riverside streets, and there’s a quote that Zeke Young attributes to his father.

“The home of high water, hot fires and low prices,” said Zeke Young, a reference to how the old location survived three floods and a fire.

And while many antiques came to the new Red X site, it doesn’t have enough room for all of them. That’s why the owners plan to hold an auction.

Pence Auctions will sell thousands of unique and collectible items on Sept. 9-10 at the old Red X location at 2401 N. Platte Road in Riverside. Many items will be sold in groups, as well as individually.