The building housing the longtime Arthur Bryant‘s Barbeque restaurant in the 18th & Vine Jazz District has been sold to an ownership group headed by a veteran local food and beverage entrepreneur.

The new group, MMD Acquisitions LLC, on Nov. 30 acquired the restaurant building at 1727 Brooklyn Ave. from a Bryant family trust, plus some surrounding surface parking from the Brooklyn Barbeque Corp.

The iconic restaurant has been located there since 1958, about 12 years after Arthur Bryant took over from his brother Charlie Bryant.

While the Bryant family made a decision to sell the building and property, the restaurant itself was not part of the sale, Jerry Rauschelbach, president of the Brooklyn Barbeque Corp., said Wednesday morning.

“As for the business, nothing has changed in that regard. I still go into work every day, the same managers, and staff (along with me) still operate the restaurant as usual,” he said in an email. “I can tell you that regardless of the sale, Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque will be in that building, selling great barbeque for years and decades to come at that location.”