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Border Brewing Co. held the grand opening Friday for its new location at 512 E. 18th St. in Kansas City’s Crossroads Arts District.

Co-owners Eric and Tracy Martens acquired the 6,438 square-foot, two story building in 2020. The brewery occupies about 3,200 square feet on the ground floor. It’s one block east of the brewery’s former 1,200 square-foot location at 406 E. 18th Street.

“We’ve been looking for opportunities to grow for a few years and this property came up,” said Eric Martens. “It was just a good size for us to grow to the next level and a great location, right in the heart of the Crossroads. Probably my No. 1 priority was to stay in the East Crossroads, because it’s developed into such a great neighborhood.”

The location neighbors two other breweries, Double Shift Brewing Co. at 412 E. 18th Street, and newcomers Red Sash Brewing Co., which opened over the summer at Border Brewing’s old location.

“We actually sold them our old equipment, which was really just a great situation for everybody involved,” Martens said. “We didn’t have to mess with moving our equipment out of the old space. They were able to step into an operating brewery, basically a turnkey operation. They’re great guys. We’ve gotten to know them over the last few months, and it seems like they’re doing pretty well.”