Can-O-Que: Boulevard Brewing teams up with sauce maker to expand unique line


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — You may do a double take at your next barbecue.

Boulevard Brewing Company is teaming up with Rufus Teague to expand the company’s “Can-O-Que” barbecue sauce line. Each of the three new flavors will include one of Boulevard’s iconic beers: Unfiltered Wheat, Space Camper IPA and Tank 7.

Each flavor is described below:

Unfiltered Wheat Can-O-Que: The mildest of the three sauces and the same tried-and-true taste as the original test formula. Good depth of sweet flavor with a bit of earthiness and hint of citrus zest.

Space Camper Can-O-Que: While not truly hot, this is the spiciest of the three recipes. The base is sweet and fruity, but the spicy boldness accentuates Space Camper’s inherent hoppy kick. 

Tank 7 Can-O-Que: The rich grains, yeast and herbs that make Tank 7 such an amazing beer to pair with food are pushed even further in this sauce. Full of flavor, it features the sweet, herbal taste of cloves and a distinctive peppery punch. 

Each variety appears in a can designed similarly to its beer counterpart and even opens with a traditional pull-tab. Each can also comes with a reusable snap-on cap to keep in your refrigerator.

Rufus Teague and Boulevard first partnered and launched Unfiltered Wheat Can-O-Que in 2019.

You can find the cans in stores, at the Boulevard Brewing Company Gift Shop as well as online at Rufus Teague.

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