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The Country Club Plaza is suing a prominent Kansas City developer for back rent and possession of its office space.

The Plaza filed suit Jan. 10, alleging that Legacy Venture West Development LLC owes at least $62,393 in past-due rent. The amount is for two offices: a 7,588-square-foot space at 4717 Central St. and a 2,187-square-foot space at 4705 Central St.

Legacy Development, which manages and develops retail and mixed-use developments, said it withheld rent after an incident in August. The company provided several photos it says illustrate the damage.

“Legacy Development has been happy on the Plaza since 2001, but recent events have strained that situation,” Dave Claflin, Legacy Development’s vice president of development, said in a statement to the Kansas City Business Journal.

“Our front door and windows were shot out in a gun battle that occurred in front of the office this past August. This took place in the evening, with many innocent bystanders, but somehow was never reported in the news.

“Bullet holes in our door sign and our entry wall remain to this day. Understandably, this has left our employees less than enthused about coming in to work and made us reluctant to pay full rent.”

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