KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s the eve of Kansas City’s second Super Bowl parade in just over three years, and organizers have learned a few things since 2020.

This time, crews are working overtime to make sure cellphone service and bathroom access are vastly improved.

The Kansas City Sports Commission said there will be more than 500 porta-potties along the parade route and at the rally.  

Parade organizers want to make sure fans can make a call, send a text or share a video of their favorite Chiefs player.

“If there’s one thing we learned from the last Chiefs parade, it’s put the maximum amount of bandwidth possible. So for everyone along the parade route, we are opening up full pipes to give them as much bandwidth as possible,” said Jason Adkins, CEO of Unite Private Networks.

United Private Networks has more than 1,500 miles of fiber all across Kansas City. To pull off this large feat, the company is working with the city, every wireless company you can think of, and the businesses that line Grand Boulevard.

“Anytime you put 500,000 people in a small amount of space, communications are going to be tough and at a premium,” Adkins said.

Union Station also pulled in workers to install multiple “COWS,” which are temporary signal towers.

Adkins has one last piece of advice for communicating:

“Texting is great. Texting is your friend. It uses a low amount of bandwidth. You will be able to makes calls, but again, when there’s a lot of videos and Snapchat and other things, it just sucks up the bandwidth,” he said.