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As a public company, some of the Kansas City area’s biggest employers must report the median pay of their workers.

The requirement is part of financial reporting rules that mandate those companies to share how their median worker’s pay compares to that of their CEO.

While this is not a definitive salary guide, it does give the savvy reader some insight into which local public companies are likely to have the best compensation plans and compelling employee benefits.

However, this data has its limits, because a person working at the headquarters of a business could be on a very different pay scale than someone out at a satellite location. Additionally, median pay can be heavily affected by the types of jobs a business offers.

Here’s the median pay revealed by five Kansas City-area public companies — from highest to lowest:

  1. EPR Properties: $254,906
  2. Evergy Inc.: $128,625
  3. QTS Realty Trust Inc.: $104,370 (acquired by affiliates of three Blackstone funds in August 2021)
  4. NIC Inc.: $92,309 (acquired by Tyler Technologies in April 2021)
  5. Yellow Corp.: $90,009