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OLATHE, Kan. — Despite the Olathe Planning Commission rejecting two-thirds of a major development proposal, the full project will now progress to the city council for final consideration. 

Last month the Olathe Planning Commission rejected 60% of the proposed Woodland Forest Development near K-10 Highway and Woodland Road. 

Clay Blair Services Corporation is asking for approval to rezone roughly 55 acres of land to build 20 new single family homes, a senior living facility, a 381-unit apartment complex and standalone retail space.

According to city documents, city staff have received 510 opposition letters and emails from residents about the proposed project.

The city council will review three separate proposals to develop the property. On Tuesday, the council will review a rezone request and preliminary site plan to create the Woodland Forest Residences.

The developer is requesting 15 acres of land at 10425 South Woodland Road be rezoned from County Rural (CTY RUR) to Single-Family Residential (R-1) to build 20 new single-family homes and a 35,700-square-foot assisted living facility.

After a public hearing on Nov. 8, the planning commission recommended approval of this rezone request 6-1. 

The second proposal is to rezone roughly 34 acres from County Rural (CTY RUR) to Low-Density Multifamily (R-3) to create a 381-unit apartment complex to the north of the proposed single family homes.

The state of Kansas requires property owners within 200 feet of a proposed development be notified of potential projects.

After the planning commission rejected the rezone request 7-0, the city received 26 protest petitions for the application. All protest petitions for this rezone request were considered invalid because the property owners lived outside the 200 foot boundary. 

The proposal will require a two-thirds vote (five supporting members) of the Olathe City Council to approve the rezone request. 

The final request would rezone roughly four acres of land from County Rural (CTY RUR) to Community Center District (C-2) to allow for the development of the Woodland Forest Shops. The 14,000- to 21,000-square-foot retail space at 10425 S Woodland Road would be used as a gas station and convenience store. 

The planning commission voted 7-0 to deny the rezoning request.

After the planning commission meeting, the city received 26 protest petitions for the application; however, the overall protest was considered invalid because only two of the property owners protesting the development lived within the 200 feet of the rezoning boundary. 

According to city documents, the two valid protest petitions make up less than 3% of land area within the rezone boundary. This portion of the project will now require the support of at least five members of the city council to approve the zoning request. 

The Olathe City Council will review all three proposals during the regular council meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m.