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Overland Park will consider a smaller — but still huge — development at the city’s southern edge that could add 1,169 single-family houses on 506 acres.

Originally, in 2012, an affiliate of a Philadelphia-based company proposed 1,808 homes on about 570 acres, plus 7,000 square feet of retail. That plan never came to fruition, but the single-family zoning for the acreage stuck.

Southern Meadows LLC, an affiliate of Overland Park-based Lambie Homes LLC, now plans to develop the area near 191st Street and State Line Road.

In August, the project was to go before the Overland Park Planning Commission but was pushed back for the fifth time and now is scheduled for the Jan. 9 meeting.

Southern Meadows plans to start by building 276 homes, according to documents filed with the city. Lambie Homes sold 34 homes in 2021, 50 in 2018 and 31 in 2017, according to Top Homebuilders Lists for those years.