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Evergy Inc. plans to add 10 megawatts of solar energy to its Hawthorn plant in northeast Kansas City, the utilities company announced Wednesday.

The decision still needs regulatory approval but could be operational by the fall of this year. Evergy plans to install at least 22,000 solar panels for the addition.

Half of the 10 megawatts would be for participants in Evergy’s (NYSE EVRG) Solar Subscription program, which now has 1,200 participants, The other five would serve all of the company’s customers, according to a release.

“Our Hawthorn power plant is a prime location to showcase Kansas City’s commitment to renewable energy and our city’s forward-thinking progress,” Evergy Senior Vice President Chuck Caisley said in the release. “Bringing this renewable energy to Hawthorn will limit the expense by using infrastructure already in place.”

The addition of more solar energy is part of Evergy’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2045.