KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Guy’s Snacks is merging cannabis and a cure for the munchies.

The Kansas City-based company teamed up with Franklin’s Stash House to create THC-infused Guy’s Potato Chips and THC-infused Root Beer.

The new snacks are available at Franklin’s Stash House beginning April 20, 2023.

Guy’s Snacks says each bag of its THC-Infused Chips contains 10 chips, dosed at 2mg per chip, for a total of 20mg of THC per container.

Guy’s THC-infused Root Beer includes 10 mg of THC per can.

“Since we first mentioned the possibility of a Guy’s chip collaboration last year, our team has been inundated with inquiries. With significant research and development performed in the interim, we are pleased to now be delivering these two highly requested products to our passionate customers,” Mike Wilson, Franklin’s Stash House CEO, said. “I hope people enjoy these delicious new ways to snack!

Find a Franklin’s location on the company’s map at FranklinsStashHouse.com/stash-houses.