PLATTE CITY, Mo. — When the weather forces us to find indoor activities, Platte City is trying to draw more of those day-trippers to town.

Old storefronts have been fixed up, giving way to virtual golf, a new place to enjoy a drink, and at least one recent sale that holds promise for the future.

“We have nowhere to have a good drink around here,” Barley & Vine owner Laura Lowry said. “It’s 35 minutes to the city for a nice glass of wine, it’s 20 minutes to the next brewery, and I wanted something at home. I wanted something in my community to help build my community.”

That’s why she was adamant that she wanted to bring Barley & Vine to Main Street in Platte City. Her grand opening is 11 a.m. Saturday, and she’s already giving visitors a new experience in Platte City.

“I want to build this brand. I want to build this business, but I also want to build downtown,” Lowry said.

Adam Grell had the same idea across the street at Virtual Links Golf, where customers can play golf on simulators and have clubs repaired.

“On the north end of Kansas City, there’s not a lot of golf to be played in the wintertime,” Grell said.

He opened up last week, suddenly giving Platte City visitors places to drink, play and a few virtual holes of golf in a place more known for its history than modern-day attractions.

Two new destinations in two weeks is a dream come true for Platte City Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tricia Friddell.

“I don’t think [having two businesses open up on two weeks is] very common at all, but I’m happy to have it happen,” Friddell said. “With Barley & Vine and Virtual Links Golf, and even The Farmer’s House, they got the new market, it’s just growing so fast.”

There’s more on the horizon.

The historic Landmark building, right next to Barley & Vine, just sold in September to a developer with plans to revitalize it into something new. The local paper had been there since 1899, and now the building can be part of whatever’s next.

“We need life on Main Street because downtown Platte City has suffered in the past, to be honest,” Friddell said. “We’re excited to see it revive and rebuild and with all this economic growth in Platte City. This is good for our community.”

Friddell said the next big thing for Platte City is a hotel or bed and breakfast to give visitors a place to stay, making it easier to make a weekend out of a trip there. She said that’s one big thing places like Parkville and Weston have that Platte City doesn’t — yet.