KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When traveling by plane, the first thing to decide is how to get to the airport. If a friend or family member isn’t available to drop off, it can be costly.

However, a recent study by Upgraded Points has found Kansas City International Airport (MCI) has the cheapest airport parking out of the 50 largest U.S. airports.

The study specifically examined if it would be more expensive to Uber or park at each of these airports. It found that 14 of the 50 are cheaper to Uber to and from than to park at for a “long weekend.”

Kansas City’s economy lot costs just $7.50 per day, while on average it will cost almost $74 to Uber to and from MCI.

Compare that to San Diego’s Airport cost of $38 per day for economy parking, the most expensive in the country. That’s $114 for a three-day weekend away from the Southern California city and only $32 on average to Uber.

A three-day weekend away from Kansas City would cost just $22.50 in economy parking.