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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Deputies move in and close a Blue Springs restaurant Thursday afternoon, accused of violating Jackson County’s mask mandate.

It’s the latest twist in a fight over the health order.

According to the new letter that now hangs on the door at Rae’s Café in Blue Springs, the Jackson County Health Department ordered the café to close. The order also says that sheriff’s deputies and police officers will enforce the order.

“Despite numerous warnings and attempts by the County to work with the business’s owner, she has refused to take corrective action and has made it clear that she has no plans to do so,” Jackson County said in a statement.

Rae’s Café’s business license was suspended last week for violating the mandate. The owner of the cafe closed the restaurant, but reopened it Saturday as a private club, charging customers $1 to join. One of the rules is no masks allowed.

Jackson County said it would “take the necessary steps to ensure the health order is enforced.”

Those steps included Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputies showing up to close the café Thursday afternoon.