OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The Kansas Department of Revenue have seized the assets of a Johnson County business for not paying sales tax.

KDOR agents, along with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, executed tax warrants on Wednesday and seized the assets of Metcalf Antique Mall in Overland Park for not paying sales tax totaling $62,866.38.

KDOR said it seized all known bank accounts, on-site cash, business inventory, as well as personal property belonging to the owner.

The business was sealed closed with a public notice posted outside.

Now all seized assets will be sold at public auction, and the proceeds will pay for the delinquent taxes.

Vendors at the mall tell FOX4 the owner of the mall promised to re-open Friday, saying the whole situation was a mistake. That didn’t happen.

Although this all happened suddenly from the perspective of outsiders, court documents show how the sales tax issues here have been going on for the past six months.

On Friday, customers kept approaching the front doors still adorned with the ‘seized’ signs.

KDOR said its policy and practice is to work with taxpayers in delinquent status to voluntarily enter into repayment agreements.

Customers like David Bean said they expected the mall to have re-opened based on what was told to them by staff.

“I came Wednesday morning and there was a woman who asked me if I was a vendor. And I said ‘No. I’m a customer. I wanted to look at something.’ She said ‘oh, there’s been a mix-up and we’ll be open in 48 hours,'” Bean said.

“And here I am and obviously they’re still not open,” Bean said.

“They were closing it. I came up here and was bringing some items in,” Steve Burger, a vendor who has items in Metcalf Antique Mall, said.

Burger sells mid-century and antique furniture at his booth. He – like other vendors FOX4 spoke to – say they’re concerned about what would normally happen soon.

“First of the next month they cut you a check for the previous month,” Burger said.

It’s only after these efforts and multiple failed collection attempts that the department is forced to execute a tax warrant, utilizing such actions as bank levies, till taps, and ultimately asset seizure to ensure compliance with the law.

FOX4 reached out to the owner of Metcalf Antique Mall, Andrew Rowland. He did not responds to emailed questions. Vendors also say they had yet to reach him on Friday.

Vendors say on Thursday he originally told them that the seizure notices were all a big misunderstanding.

According to KDOR, customers, employees or others that may have items at the business may contact the agent assigned to this case at 913-942-3090.